The Soul Catcher

von Rowanne S Carberry 
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The Soul Catcher
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The depth in both plot and characters is missing, I wasn't surprised at all, only Jemma + hope for anything special to happen kept me going

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Spirit-speaker. Death Seer. To preserve her sanity, Jemma lives her lie—that she is normal. As a child, her psychic gifts cost her everything. So when she foresees a woman's murder, she does nothing to prevent it and unwittingly helps a serial killer get away with another murder. Guilt-ridden, she reports the crime only to find herself thrown into a world she didn’t know existed. Coerced into working with the police, battling to keep herself alive and dealing with newfound emotions, Jemma is forced to use the gifts she sees as a curse, to save the lives of others.


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    Artemis_25s avatar
    Artemis_25vor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: The depth in both plot and characters is missing, I wasn't surprised at all, only Jemma + hope for anything special to happen kept me going
    Quite a disappointing read

    Ok, this is how I would describe my reading experience with "The Soul Catcher. The story certainly has the potential to be something more than it appears to be now because I really liked the main character, Jemma, and her ability to see another person's death just by touching them, thus making her invaluable for the investigation, the search for the murderer. Even preventing the person's deadly fate is possible for her. The mystery around the culprit, the killer who is taking the souls of his victims, that's also something that could have been exciting to solve alongside the investigators, but sadly there wasn't too much to solve in the first place, just experiencing some of his killings until, rather conveniently in my opinion, he discovers Jemma watching him and sets a meeting place where he is getting rid of surprisingly fast for a "big final showdown". So, it was all pretty disappointing for someone who loves to get behind mysteries doing a lot of speculating on the way.
    Except for Jemma, the other characters seem to be very flat. I wish I got to know them on a much deeper level than they are presented here because then I would have understood some of their behaviour better, especially Detective Mitchell's cruel handeling of those that work under him appears very one-dimensional, lacking the reasons for why he is behaving in that certain way.
    The lovestory is very sweet although developing a bit too quickly for my taste.

    All in all, the story could have done with a lot more depth both plot- and characterwise. It's not a total catastrophe but still far from the exciting read I was expecting beforehand. The end suggests there might come out a sequel. I'm not sure if I want to read it. Probably not.


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