Roy Freeman

Autor von Immerwerdend, Coming into Beeing und weiteren Büchern.

Lebenslauf von Roy Freeman

The tradition of poetic picture stories is continued today by Don’s son, Roy Freeman, if in another way. Roy uses a special painting technique, a kind of marble mixing technique based on diluted oil and acrylic paint. In itself, this technique is nothing new, but he developed this process over many years into fascinating dimensions. These abstract landscapes serve as the basis for his poetic fairy tale and mythic books. Roy writes about his painting: «When I paint, I often feel like a tool that belongs to the original image maker who sends pictures from the infinite into our time and world. Thus my painting table is transformed into a kind of alche-mical laboratory. There, my human feelings and thoughts are mixed with components from the uni-verse at a precisely defined time and imprinted into gold or dung. We all make pictures. I am simply one who fell in between the vision and the paper.»

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Alle Bücher von Roy Freeman

Cover des Buches Gespräch mit einem Stein (ISBN:9783906945064)

Gespräch mit einem Stein

Erschienen am 01.10.2019
Cover des Buches Tseremsaaks und der Wal Nagunaks (ISBN:9783952429655)

Tseremsaaks und der Wal Nagunaks

Erschienen am 10.10.2018
Cover des Buches Tseremsaaks, and Nagunaks, the Whale-Chief (ISBN:9783906945057)

Tseremsaaks, and Nagunaks, the Whale-Chief

Erschienen am 01.06.2019
Cover des Buches Immerwerdend (ISBN:9783906945095)


Erschienen am 01.11.2019
Cover des Buches Coming into Beeing (ISBN:9783906945125)

Coming into Beeing

Erschienen am 01.11.2019

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