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What the Clocks Know

What the Clocks Know

Erschienen am 18.03.2016
Seven For a Secret

Seven For a Secret

Erschienen am 12.08.2014

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Rumer Haven - What the Clocks Know
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After splitting up with her boyfriend, Margot decides to start over. She leaves the USA to attend university in London. Moving in with a friend seems to be a good solution. But soon she feels lost in this new and vibrating town. Instead of going to school, she remains more and more at home and gets more isolated from day to day. When she starts feeling the presence of a ghost and strange things happen to her, she slowly starts to question her own sanity – and her friends become aware of her development, too. Is she really haunted by a ghost from the past or is there a much simpler explanation to the incidences?

Rumer Haven’s novel is a wonderful combination of a sentimental love story and a classic ghost haunt. It was just perfect to indulge in the plot on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The protagonist’s gloomy mood in the beginning was easily tangible; then, turning more and more depressed and starting to feel awkward and haunted were convincingly presented and easy to follow. You can feel Margot’s uneasiness in every page and effortlessly sympathize end empathize with her. This is what I appreciated most in the novel, simply finding a way in and suffering with the young woman. All in all, there was a spooky suspense which slowly developed and a convincing solution in the end.


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