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Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts

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Growing up the hard way
kleinegrauewolkevor 4 Jahren

Paper Hearts is a YA novel, and it's (unfortunately) safe to say that I'm no longer anywhere near the target audience. So it's probably no surprise that for most of the book, I was feeling extremely sorry for Michelle's mother who seemed to come in for a lot of unwarranted aggression from her daughter. And Michelle has a lot of aggression in store -- not just for her mother but for pretty much everyone she meets.

Enter Nathaniel, the gentle giant who seems much too good for this world and most especially for Michelle, and his grandmother. The two of them seem like characters from a fairytale -- the goodhearted hero who has to fight endless obstacles and the wise fairy woman who sends people on a quest. But as we are slowly finding out, Michelle -- while not exactly princess material -- is definitely due a bit of fairytale dust, and despite my earlier reservations, I ended up rooting for her to have a "happily ever after" (wolf included).


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