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Nur ein Blick von dir

Nur ein Blick von dir

Erschienen am 05.04.2012
Nur ein Hauch von dir

Nur ein Hauch von dir

Erschienen am 17.09.2012
Nur ein Kuss von dir

Nur ein Kuss von dir

Erschienen am 09.10.2012
Perfectly Reflected

Perfectly Reflected

Erschienen am 01.06.2011
Scattering Like Light

Scattering Like Light

Erschienen am 01.01.2012

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Rezension zu "Perfectly Reflected" von S. C. Ransom

Rezension zu "Perfectly Reflected" von S. C. Ransom
Lialiest_vor 6 Jahren


Alex owes Callum her life.
He risked everything to keep her alive, but the price he is paying is a high one. His half-life as a shostly Dirge is bleak, and gathering the fresh memories he needs to exist keeps him away from Alex when she misses him most. Alex has to find a way that they can be together. But someone really doesn’t want that to happen. They’re out for revenge and they’ll stop at nothing. Who hates Alex that much ? And why?

My Opinion:

The thrilling sequel to Small Blue Thing (Review).

The cover looks beautiful. You can see two hands holding Alex’s bracelet to stay in contact with Callum. In the back there are waves. The ornaments look nicely and they are printed in glittering like the title and the author. It belongs to the story. The title sounds nice.
Deutsche Ausgabe

Alex is the protagonist and she’s a girl who makes her own decisions and trying to do the best.
I haven’t hated a character so much like Catherine - She breaks into Alex’s house, robs her money, hijacked Alex’s facebook and email- account. But that wasn’t the worst thing she did.
Callum is as nice as in Small Blue Thing.
The containment was good. It was full of action and love. I liked it. Ransom’s writing style was great, too.

I loved the book and I recommend you to read the Small Blue Thing series.


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