S. Corrie Ladies' Night (St. Valentine's Hospital Book 1)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Ladies' Night (St. Valentine's Hospital Book 1)“ von S. Corrie

(Warning: This story contains explicit erotic content, including: exhibitionism, public sex, female masturbation, male masturbation, girl/girl sex, girl/guy sex, light bdsm, self-spanking, oral sex, and anal play, Doctor Indrani Chandra has always been “the fun girl”, but that changed when her boyfriend left. Since then, she’s spent every night alone, bored, and depressed. Realizing she needs to get back to her fun girl way of life, Indrani begs, nags, and eventually blackmails her friends Cora and Tanya into a girls’ night out. While Cora gets into a sexy game of show-and-tell and Tanya flirts with “the one that got away”, Indrani meets a dance partner who’s more than willing to give her everything she wants and more. Ladies’ Night is the story of three friends, three adventures, and one crazy, sexy night. Excerpt: With all of that going on around her, it took a while before she noticed the Giant. That was the first word that came to mind when she saw him, and the only word that could possibly describe him. He towered over Indrani, of course. She was only five feet tall without her heels, so most guys towered over her, but the Giant was taller than anyone else on the dance floor, too. And, despite muscles that made him seem almost as wide as he was tall, he moved as if her weighed no more than a butterfly. Indrani was drawn to him as if his massive size endowed him with enough gravity to pull her into his orbit. Without thinking, Indrani pushed her way through the mob of other dancers, but when she reached him, he was dancing with a girl who looked more like Barbie than Barbie herself. Embarrassed that she’d gotten carried away, Indrani tried to escape by jumping back into the crowd. She’d barely made it two steps when someone tapped her on the shoulder. Whirling around, she found herself standing face-to-chest with the Giant. He was looking down at her with a grin that made him seem both endearing and a little stupid. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled. "I’ve been watching you. Dance with me." At first she felt awkward and ridiculous dancing with him. Her face barely reached his chest, and it reminded her of being a little girl and dancing with her older cousins at family gatherings. He was such an amazing dancer, though, and she forgot about the awkwardness halfway through their second song together. She lost track of how many songs they danced through, but he didn’t seem to get tired. Indrani on the other hand, was beginning to fade. Just when she thought she couldn’t go on any longer, the music shifted to a slower tempo. “There’s a million people here,” said Indrani, “How were you watching me?” With the same goofy grin as before, the Giant said, “I can see for miles from up here.” “I bet you can. “Want to see?” “See what?” He put his hands on Indrani’s waist, and with no warning, lifted her into the air. She screamed as her feet left the floor, then laughed and raised her arms, holding them out like a soaring bird. “This… Feels… Incredible,” said Indrani. “Just wait,” he said. The Giant’s hands seem to fall away from her as he tossed her into the air. She hung in space for one long moment before gravity pulled her back to the ground below. It gave her a feeling she hadn’t experienced since she was a kid on her backyard swing. The mix of terror and elation she could only get by swinging too high for her fretful mother’s comfort. And then she was in the Giant’s arms again, cradled against his chest. Her mind felt calm and quiet for the first time in weeks. She opened her eyes and said the first thing that came to mind. “How was that?” he asked. “I think I almost came,” she said.
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