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..Are the ones frowned upon in society. Even the one that knows vampires and such exist - while they not-so-innocently cause the death of people, a necromancer is the only one being able to raise them after. 

First, you´d think Angel strange. Not really caring about mankind, except for his brother, he gets called out often to solve magic incidents. Simeon, the vampire that always seems to be around him, is not better. 
But, lately the calls aren´t all that random. There is a connection to Angel as well as there is one to his family´s death. 

This is a very good tale. You grow on the characters the longer you read. In the end, I did not want the book to finish just yet. 


Rezension zu "Wolves of Black Pine (The Wolfkin Saga Book 1)" von SJ Himes

Wolfkin Series #1
Makariavor 2 Jahren

Storyline: There was no time to think before Luca was dragged into a river, away from his family and his dying grandfather. No time for him to mourn the death of said grandfather as he was forced to wait for someone to find him, held by his own word.No chance to show his true nature later, while living with humans. 
Until there finally came a time when he could be himself, fight for the ones he loved and change. 

As a young boy, Luca got separated from the life he knew and lived in his wolf form since. The hunters that attack his new home, are NOT part of the plan. Neither is falling in love so hard and fast whilst being unable to understand all that. 
But he handles it with grace. A newfound schaman to his kind, he becomes someone the wolves will have to protect. In order to that, he does the same for them. With the little experience he has, Luca thrives in his domain - the one he finally gets to discover. 
HER grace rests upon him, so the bound with his soulmate, the Alpha Kane, is not something to be frowned upon. Sadly, it is something forbidden by history...

Style: Awesome. Can´t wait to read the next part of the saga. It may be a tad bit unreal for someone to live years as a wolf and then adapt as well as Ghost/Luca does to society. But that is just a minor matter in contrast to whole picture. 


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