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A sharp and witty story from an outstanding new author: this is what global warming will really mean to the current teenage generation. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/27.04.2010')

Beängstigend realistische, aufrüttelnde Dystopie

— ichundelaine
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  • Disturbingly realistic...

    The Carbon Diaries 2015


    05. November 2016 um 10:44

    Imagine it is 2015, you live in England and storms and floods and lots of rain on the one hand and scorching heat on the other are haunting Europe. In order to finally save the planet, your government issues out rationed "energy points". Whatever you do (watching telly, eating fruits from far away countries, playing on your computer, riding the bus) eats up energy and is billed on you card. Per month you can only use a set amount of points, if you use up more than you should, you're screwed. Laura is 16 and detests her former-hippie, energy-squandering parents who are, in her opinion, basically to blame for the whole mess, because their excessive life style led to the crisis the planet is in now. The carbon Diary is her diary, and she tells her side of the story. How she sits in freezing cold classrooms but still tries to maintain the live of a "normal" teenager, even if she has to keep an eye on her energy-points. While her sisters Kim starts dealing with energy points and commiting energy crimes, her Mum joints a weird group of women to release her inner wolf and her dad turns to a farmer. Laura plays in a band and falls in love with the distant neighbour boy, because natural desasters or not, a teenie's gotta do what a teenie's gotta do. As people slowly adjust to the rationed energy, the weather plays wild kapers. Freezing cold in winter, scorching heat in summer, wild storms and waves that threaten to flood entire London. This book is a taunting realistic dystopia that doesn't seem so far away from the truth, which makes it at times downright scary. Even though I thought Laura to be a bit overly dramatic and very negative sometimes, which is probably due to the fact that I have a very low tolerance for sulking teenagers, I read through the entire book in no time and recommend it to young and older readers alike, for it is our world and this is a future that might be very possible indeed!

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