The Hating Game

von Sally Thorne 
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The Hating Game
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Absolutely loved it!!! Witty, funny and - no surprise - heartwarming! Awesome :-)

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300 pages foreplay - who's got time for that?!

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NEMESIS (n) 1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome 2) A person's undoing 3) Joshua Templeman Lucy Hutton has always been certain that the nice girl can get the corner office. She prides herself on being loved by everyone at work - except for imposing, impeccably attired Joshua Templeman. Trapped in a shared office, they've become entrenched in an addictive game of one-upmanship. There's the Staring Game, The Mirror Game, The HR Game. Lucy can't let Joshua beat her at anything - especially when a huge promotion is on offer. If Lucy wins, she'll be Joshua's boss. If she loses, she'll resign. So why is she questioning herself? Maybe she doesn't hate him. And just maybe, he doesn't hate her either. Or is this just another game . . . ? 'A brilliant, biting, hilarious new voice. The Hating Game will take the romcom world by storm. One of the best I've read, ever.' Kristan Higgins, New York Times bestselling author 'Funny, smart, fresh, and thoroughly enjoyable from the first delicious page to the last. I highly recommend.' Susan Elizabeth Phillips, New York Times bestselling author An addictive, dazzling debut. The Hating Game is bursting at the seams with love (and hate) and heart. Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author


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    MrsFrasers avatar
    MrsFraservor 5 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: 300 pages foreplay - who's got time for that?!
    300 pages foreplay - who's got time for that?!

    This is a book for girls who like to play 'games' when it comes to love. 

    Lucy has a lot of games going on with Joshua - her colleague and rival at work - the Staring Game, the Mirror Game, ... in the end she only wants him to crack up, but sssh! - she doesn't know that yet, or at least chooses not to. Josh and Lucy are both assistants to their CEOs and forced to share a room since their companies merged. Lucy HATES Joshua, for no other reason than him being so seemingly unfriendly, whereas Lucy doesn't even manage to say no to anyone. Not even to Joshua, as we soon get to know, and it is not a great spoiler when I say that Lucy, OF COURSE, doesn't hate Joshua. And Josh, surprise surprise!, also has romantic feelings for Lucy. This is really obvious from page 1 and therefore the whole book felt like one really long foreplay. Everyone knows where Josh and Lucy's passionate feelings will lead them. And OF COURSE a wedding has to be attended together, where emotions and lust will reach their climaxes. 

    There is a bit of background story - poor Josh has some unresolved family issues and Lucy and Josh are both up for a big promotion at work, but only one of them can get it. But these are dealt with very quickly and easily. 

    To compare Sally Thorne to Sophie Kinsella (as I've read somewhere) is really not fair to the genius of Kinsella! Her books always live from surprising twists and revelations and hilarious humor. Neither you find in 'The Hating Game'. There are no surprises whatsoever and I rather laughed because of the predictability of it all than of humorous writing. 

    This is a book for those who love dreaming about Prince Charming, the one who's tough on the outside but oh so soft on the inside. The one who is the perfect gentleman and patiently waits for you to realize what a great guy he is. It is for girly girls who dream about big weddings and boyfriends who have just the right amount of jealousy when they see their girl talking to some other guy. I would say it is for romantic women in their 20s. Me, I'm a mother and wife - I've got no time for this. ;) If you love someone, don't waist one day - tell them. Your Happily Ever After will last even longer! 

    I-heart-bookss avatar
    I-heart-booksvor 10 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Absolutely loved it!!! Witty, funny and - no surprise - heartwarming! Awesome :-)
    Just loved it!

    I really have to admit it straight from the beginning: I totally loved this book!


    To say it in few words: funny, witty, clever, awesome and happy ending! What do you want more?

    It already begins with Lucy's password: IHATEJOSHUA4EVA. How funny!

    Througout the story there were so many situations I had to laugh out loud. And compared to other stories of this genre it is clever and has a real story behind that funny side.

    The main characters are adorable and just meant for each other. No surprise there ;-)

    Fortunately the book cover in English suits the story better than the German translation (awful Cover regarding that story...)

    Plus: it's Aussie <3 <3 <3

    Can't say more than - absolutely one of my favourites this year!!

    Nickss avatar
    Nicksvor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Lachen ohne Ende.
    I love you, I hate you

    Huge thanks to lovely Albertina for recommending this piece of chocolate pie of a book.

    Ladies´ night with a mug of herbal tea, warm wool socks, a box of tissues and The Hating Game.

    I absolutely adore this book. This book makes me wish to suffer from a momentary case of amnesia. I could enjoy it again.

    It was everything to go along with Lucy, play all those childish, hilarious games and see her freak out over the smallest things. The constant bickering, the clever remarks and serial-killer looks make it the nicest pastime of all to just sit back and enjoy the verbal ping-pong. Frankly, I just wish for someone to play Word Tennis with as well, if only to see if I could win.

    It is hilarious. Really, I was swaying between gently (meaning loudly) laughing with myself and reading passages out aloud, so everyone in my vicinity could partake in the joys of Lucy´s story telling.

    The writing is absolutely fabulous. Apart from the great humor it Sally Thorne´s way to bring Lucy´s world to life with some well-placed comments and details. Picturing the office-of-hell was just as easy as Josh´s flat or Lucy´s tiny apartment with the smurfs guarding her living room. It instantly welcomes you as a beloved family member and beckons you in.

    The characters are equally awesome. Relating to Lucy´s minor and major freak outs, her insecurities, stubborn behavior and fascination with the enemy (helloooo- he´s gorgeous) is about as natural as breathing. I loved the girl.
    Please, don´t make me talk about Josh, because it could get out of control and take a whole day. Just let me tell you that I´ve never gone from darkly amused to totally in love with a fictional character this fast.

    The whole story alternates between funny, romantic, heartwarming and charming so fast, it´ll make your head spin. So worth it. 

    Diiiamond93s avatar
    Diiiamond93vor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Schlagfertige Dialoge und witzige Charaktere machen dieses Buch zu einem perfekten Leseerlebnis!
    Ein absolutes Highlight!

    Lucy Hutton hasst Joshua Templeman. Seit sich der Verlag, für den sie arbeitet mit einem anderen Verlag zusammen getan hat, besteht ihr Arbeitstag hauptsächlich darin, sich Wortgefechte & Streiche mit Joshua zu liefern, der ihr Tag ein, Tag aus gegenübersitzt. Beide sind die Assisstenten der CEO's und beide können sich kein Stück leiden.

    Dabei ist Lucy eigentlich eine liebenswerte Person, kommt mit allen zurecht und möchte es allen Recht machen. Nur Joshua lässt sich von ihrem Charme nicht beeindrucken und macht sich ständig über ihre kleine Größe oder ihre Klamotten lustig und ist allgemein unerträglich. Und als würde der Hass zwischen ihnen nicht schon heiß genug brennen, müssen sie auch noch um ihre Traumstelle kämpfen, die nur einer bekommen kann. Doch bekanntlich sind Hass & Liebe zwei Emotionen, die sehr nah beiander liegen...

    Ich habe dieses Buch geliebt. Es war vermutlich sogar mein Jahreshighlight oder eines davon, denn von der ersten Seite an, konnte ich das Buch kaum aus der Hand legen. Sally Thorne hat einen so unglaublich tollen Schreibstil und ihre Dialoge sind so schlagfertig, dass man aus dem Grinsen gar nicht mehr heraus kommt.

    Lucy und Joshua sind so unterschiedlich wie Tag und Nacht. Während Lucy ein lebensfroher Mensch ist und hilft, wo sie kann, ist Joshua zurück gezogen, kalt und oft sogar unhöflich. Und da sie sich seit ihrem ersten Arbeitstag zusammen in der neuen Firma hassen, sprühen die Funken, wann immer sie sich gegenüber stehen. Sie versuchen sich gegenseitig auszustechen, beschweren sich bei der Personalabteilung und spionieren einander nach. Die Wortgefechte, die die beiden sich liefern, haben mich unglaublich amüsiert. Sie waren schlagfertig und sarkastisch und ich habe beim Lesen so viel gelacht, wie lange nicht mehr! 

    Trotz all der amüsanten Dialoge, kamen die Emotionen in diesem Buch nicht zu kurz. Kleine Momente zwischen Lucy & Joshua haben dieses Buch erst zu etwas besonderem gemacht. Durch kleine Gesten hat man immer wieder gespürt, dass tiefere Gefühle hinter all dem Geplänkel und Schlagabtausch stecken. Ich fand es toll, wie sich Lucy & Joshua immer näher gekommen sind und Seiten an sich und dem anderen entdeckt haben, die sie nie vermutet hätten. Eine absolute Leseempfehlung!

    Sally Thorne hat es geschafft, mich mit ihren Charakteren und ihren amüsanten Gedanken und Wortgefechten von Anfang bis Ende zu begeistert! Witzige und schlagfertige Dialoge, sowie emotionale Handlungen machen dieses Buch zu einem großartigen Leseerlebnis, der einen unterhält und zum Lachen bringt! Ich freue mich schon jetzt darauf, mehr von Sally Thorne zu lesen und kann euch dieses Buch auf jeden Fall empfehlen, zumindest die englische Ausgabe :)

    Cari_fs avatar
    Cari_fvor einem Jahr
    Kurzmeinung: From Hate to Love - auch wenn die Geschichte manchmal nur knapp am Kitsch vorbeischrammt, ist sie unterhaltsam und herzerwärmend!
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