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Inhaltsangabe zu "Breathe"

Years after the Switch, life inside the Pod has moved on. A poor Auxiliary class cannot afford the oxygen tax which supplies extra air for running, dancing and sports. The rich Premiums, by contrast, are healthy and strong. Anyone who opposes the regime is labelled a terrorist and ejected from the Pod to die. Sixteen-year-old Alina is part of the secret resistance, but when a mission goes wrong she is forced to escape from the Pod. With only two days of oxygen in her tank, she too faces the terrifying prospect of death by suffocation. Her only hope is to find the mythical Grove, a small enclave of trees protected by a hardcore band of rebels. Does it even exist, and if so, what or who are they protecting the trees from? A dystopian thriller about courage and freedom, with a love story at its heart.


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    MikkaGs avatar
    MikkaGvor 5 Jahren
    And I can't breathe without you...

    Humanity hasn't learned from its mistakes – when does it ever?

    Short-sighted greed and gross overpopulation have led to the almost complete annihilation of the trees, the green lungs of the planet. When the oceans are poisoned as well, oxygen quickly runs out and the vast majority of humans die an awful death.

    On the brink of utter destruction, a company named "Breathe" steps in and saves mankind: they build huge domes filled with artificial oxygen where the remaining survivors can live, governed by strict rules to keep oxygen use to a minimum.

    Many years later, a caste system has developed.

    There are the Premiums, the fortunates who hold the most prestigious jobs (as well as the political power) and can afford all the artificial oxygen they want or need - even for luxuries like doing sports, dancing or taking trips outside of the dome.

    Then there are the Auxiliaries or Subs, who work hard and are kept on a short leash, living frugal lives. Considered second-rate citizens, they spend most of their time imprisoned in the dome. They are kept physically weak (they don't have enough air to exercise), financially poor (they have little chance of getting a well-paying job) and politically powerless (they cannot rebel against the people who literally control the air they breathe).

    The Rats are the rebels who exist against all odds. They steal heavily guarded plants from the government in an attempt to re-build the forests, train themselves to survive on air less saturated with oxygen and generally refuse to live their lives controlled by the almighty Breathe.

    When a Premium (Quinn), a Sub (Bea) and a Rat (Alina) are haphazardly thrown together outside of the dome, what will happen?


    The world-building is rock-solid: plausible and all too realistic. Look around, read the news; humans are fatally short-sighted when it comes to the resources of our planet. It's not that far-fetched to imagine we might use up the most important resource of all – air.

    The main idea, a society where somebody else controls the very air you breathe and can take it away at any time, is a great one that automatically generates suspense. Who doesn't fear suffocation? What could possibly make you more helpless?

    I like that the story is centered around young people from each one of the three main factions. We are invited to question their believes and morals and make up our own minds about the situation. They all feel like well-rounded characters, and they all have shades of grey - there's no moral black or white here.

    The different POVs are handled very well: it doesn't get too confusing, and the story still feels coherent. The writing is good, enjoyable to read and appropriate for the YA audience.


    Quinn comes across as a self-centered jerk more than once, I'm sorry to say. Maybe that's only realistic, considering that he grew up sheltered and privileged enough to satisfy his every whim... I still didn't care as much about him as I would've liked to.

    I really didn't like the leader of the rebels, Petra. On the one hand, her passionate drive to save the trees is commendable and understandable, but there is an underlying ruthlessness in the way she treats the humans around her. She has more or less raised an orphaned child, but pretty much everybody refers to the girl as Petra's "pet", which I found very telling.
    I'm not entirely sure that's a contra, though - maybe it's supposed to show us that the world is not black or white and that even people with basically good intentions can be flawed or go too far.

    The love story didn't truly touch me. For the first half of the book, the girl pines hopelessly after the boy she likes, lets him walk all over her like a doormat while he apparently makes out with every pretty girl within his reach, and then he suddenly sees the light and becomes this whole new person? I don't know, it was just too sudden.

    My rating:

    All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. Even though I didn't care that much for Quinn or Petra, I liked most of the other characters a lot and kept turning the pages to find out what would happen to them. It's a book that makes you think, and a book that makes you feel.

    If you like dystopian YA, like the Hunger Games, The Glimpse or similar books, give this one a try!

    IraWiras avatar
    IraWiravor 6 Jahren
    Rezension zu "Breathe" von Sarah Crossan

    Die Grundidee von "Breathe", dass bedingt durch Umweltschäden und das Absterben der Bäume, die Menschheit unter großen Glaskuppeln leben muss, weil die Luft außerhalb der Kuppeln nicht mehr genug Sauerstoff enthält, fand ich sehr interessant und da ich gute Dystopien immer wieder gerne lese, griff ich hier zu.
    Das Buch etnttäuschte mich nicht, im Gegenteil, ich fand es absolut spannend und fesselnd geschrieben. Das dem Buch zu grunde liegende gesellschaftliche System, erscheint mir gut durchdacht zu sein, so dass es Spaß brachte, sich darauf einzulassen.
    Das Leben wird von Atemluft bestimmt, wer privilegiert ist, hat ausreichend Luft, um sogar Sport zu treiben oder dergleichen mehr zu tun, wer zur Unterschicht gehört, darf sich nur langsam bewegen und muss sich atemschonend verhalten.
    Ein gesellschaftlicher Aufstieg ist kaum möglich, das ganze Leben ist durchreglementiert und die Kontrolle ist allgegenwärtig. Wer sich gegen das System stellt, der verschwindet.
    Das Schicksal führt Quinn, einen der sogenannten Premiums, ein Mitglied der Oberschicht, bea, die der Unterschicht angehört und Alina, die sich den Rebellen angeschlossen hat, zusammen. Für Quinn und Bea eröffnen sich neue Welten und ein neues Verständnis ihrer Situation.
    Mir hat das Buch sehr gut gefallen und ich freue mich sehr auf den nächsten Band!

    AlinaSomethingvor 4 Jahren
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