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Conquering William (Sir Arthur's Legacy)

Conquering William (Sir Arthur's Legacy)

Erschienen am 30.08.2016

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Loved it!
IraWiravor 2 Jahren

I really really loved this book! An interesting and intriguing story with many twists and turns, amazing, complex characters and well written, it is definitely a book that I'll read over and over again - and I already did read it again, more than once.

As much as I loved William and Alice, I really hated Sister Julianna who always made my flesh crawl. With William I was speechless when I learned how big an influence Sister had in the keep and how harmful it was. I was -like William- even more stunned when I realized just how much influence she had on Alice, I hated her for the venomous things she uttered about William's family whom I really really liked - all of them. I loved to see Alice blossom and turn into a beautiful woman, caring and more and more confident, I loved to see how William and Alice started to trust each other and to fall in love - well, who could resist a man like that? Caring, loving, handsome but also strong, intelligent and loyal ...simply perfect.
William's family was also a real delight with the way they protected each other and cared for each other. When things got pretty bad I feared with them, I was upset, I was furious. They are very special and very amazing characters.
I also enjoyed the encounters with a certain scot, Aonghas the Red who always lifted the mood with his comments.

Of course I was also angry as usual when women are bartered away like cattle with no thought to their feelings and her wellbeing but at least William is a nice guy and not just in contrast to those ...husbands...  Alice had been married to before him.

When William and Alice find their way to each other, caring for those around them and righting wrongs they also discover more than one sinister secret and soon their very lives are at risk....

I think I already mentioned it but  - I really loved this book. It is well written, captivating and emotional and has some really amazing characters, I can absolutely recommend this book.


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