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Stunning Art

— Lupina15
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  • So cool to see all of my favourite characters

    The Throne of Glass Colouring Book


    31. July 2017 um 12:19

    What is it about?For the first time, fans of Sarah J. Maas's sweeping New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass saga can experience the vivid imagery of her expansive world. Celaena battling the ridderak in the catacombs, Chaol in the gardens of the glass castle, Manon riding her wyvern through the Crossing, and many other favourite moments, characters and objects come to life as readers explore the vibrantly detailed realm of Throne of Glass. Stunning original black and white drawings will bring fans deeper into the series than ever before - making this a must-have companion to Sarah J. Maas's beloved books.My opinion:This book is a real treasure for every Throne of Glass-Fan. It's like a movie without animation ;) You get to see some favourite scenes (mine is the "Get-up-scene" from book 1) and are able to colour it! How cool is this?Sometimes there are only scenes without people, so that is good for beginners. And then there are more complex scenes, that are a bit tricky to colour. There is also a quote that matches every scene, so you get the perfect feeling. The art is stunning, though I personally don't like the way my favourite character Chaol is portrayed. Nevertheless the book is a very good summary of all the books in the series. So be warned! Do not look into it when you haven't read the fifth book yet.And don't be afraid to start colouring. It is your book and you can do with it whatever you want.I would recommend it to every Throne of Glass-Fan out there.

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