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The complete Magic Baby series, including the bonus Christmas story. All books available separately. THE NOT SO IMMACULATE CONCEPTION A one-night-stand with a witch... what could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot, apparently. When down and out Leanne Evans returned to her home town, Verbena, after 12 years, she only intended to stay for a few weeks, to get back on her feet. On her first night back she met Veronica, a beautiful, sophisticated brunette who was way out of her league. After spending the night with her, Leanne soon learned that the brunette was in fact Melissa Rowe, the richest, meanest, most disliked woman in Verbena. And this widespread dislike had little to do with the fact that she was also a 400-year-old witch... Now she's pregnant and Leanne is responsible; they've done the impossible and created The Magic Baby. Leanne's committed to doing the "right thing", even if that means being at the beck and call of a vengeful, hormonal witch who now hates her guts. Doing the "right thing" has never been so hard... HOCUS POCUS BABY Raising a baby is tough; raising a magic baby is impossible! There's an urban myth that says the first born daughter of a witch and a mortal woman will be a sorceress. Luckily, no one in Verbena believes in urban myths... The new baby is here! She's as beautiful as her brunette mother, and equally as volatile. When strange, unexplainable things start happening around the house, at first Leanne and Melissa think Dillon is involved; unlike him, his little sister is the product of both women, and they think he might be acting up because of this. But someone else might be behind it. Someone cute and angelical. Someone who shouldn't have that kind of power. After all, babies aren't born with magic... It soon becomes apparent that their daughter, Megan, might not be as normal as they first thought. She has her own agenda: she wants her two mommies together, and she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. HOUSE OF MAGIC Now they face their biggest challenge yet: Love Not content just being Melissa's part-time lover, Leanne sets out to change things. She wants the real thing now, not a simulation of a real family. She's getting ideas into her head of the long-term commitment kind... But her efforts to woo Melissa are proving difficult. Not only is their sorceress daughter, Megan, losing control of her magic and causing havoc every chance she gets, Melissa's making it clear that she isn't the type of person who likes to be wooed. She also has other things on her mind. She's been acting strange lately - sneaking out at night, questioning her purpose in life, not arguing. Leanne worries that there's someone else on the scene. The reality, however, might be much worse. BONUS STORIES: EMPTY NEST & A MAGIC BABY CHRISTMAS This lesbian romantic comedy has a pinch of magic, an ounce of romance, and a whole lot of bickering.
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