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Inhaltsangabe zu „Pleading Guilty“ von Scott Turow

Kindle County, where skies are generally grey and the truth is seldom simple, is one of the most renowned and fascinating locales in contemporary American fiction. Scott Turow takes us there again, in an edge-of-the-chair story rife with indelible characters and riveting suspense.

MISSING: Bert Kamin, gifted, erratic, impossibly combative forty-year-old star litigator at one of Kindle County's top-notch law firms.

ALSO MISSING: $5.6 million from a fund established to settle a massive air-disaster class action agains TransNational Airlines, the world's largest carrier and the firm's biggest client.

THE INVESTIGATOR: McCormack A. 'Mack' Molloy, fiftyish, ex-cop, almost ex-drunk, and partner on-the-wane, charged by the firm's oversight committee with a highly sensetive task: find Bert and the money. Immediately.

Mack's search takes us into the inner sanctum of corporate law, where his secretive partners, among them his close friend and sometime bedmate Emilia 'Brushy' Bruccia, jockey and plot. He ventures into the dark heart of the city itself, to the Russian Bath in the far West End, and before long he runs up against his former partner on the beat and longtime nemesis, the odious Pigeyes. And a cold corpse.

Mack is foul-mouthed, sensual, weighed down by a profound familiarity with the ways of the world and his own ineradicable weaknesses, yet blessed with an incorrigible black sense of humour. He carries secrets of his own and knows that, as the police are fond of saying, there are no victims. Lovable, unreliable, a master sleuth, and an inimitable guide to an ominous and enthralling world, he may well be Scott Turow's supreme fictional creation to date.

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