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He's a wealthy playboy with too many notches on his bed post to count. She's an heiress to a political dynasty with a secret that could put everything in jeopardy. Elise Van der Poole / Aubrey Red Everything in me told me that I needed Tanner. He was smart, witty, charming, incredibly sexy and able to do things to my body that I didn’t previously know possible. Hell, he even shared an interest in cars with me. If I had met him any other day, maybe things would have turned out differently. Unfortunately, I met him on the day that I was engaged, and that complicated things a bit. Tanner Marx The moment I saw her, I knew I had to have her. I didn't know what it was about her; maybe it was those pouty red lips, her biting sense of humor or maybe it was the effortless way she handled my Jag that made me unbearably hard. What I expected to be a one-night stand became something so much bigger. All I wanted was every last bit of Aubrey, but she was intent on keeping her real life a secret from me. Add to that my long-lost delinquent sister moving in with me and my life just took a sudden turn to crazyville. This book follows the events of Carrying Hope it stands on its own as a story, but if you enjoy this, you should really give Marcie and Bryce a chance!
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