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Set in the stunning, eerie Alaskan mountains, this is a love story you will never forget. Step into the home that lay empty for decades… After a family tragedy, the old Alaskan homestead lay abandoned for two decades, until the one person who need it most came looking. What Kache found was more than a house full of old memories and buried secrets: he found Nadia, who had been hiding from the world, unseen, for ten years. Held captive by a past too painful or too dangerous to face, they must now break free from what binds them in place – and face the ghosts that have never stopped haunting them. Step into the house of frozen dreams…
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    The House of Frozen Dreams


    31. December 2016 um 18:35

    (3,5 Sterne) When Kache returns to his family home in the Alaskan mountains after two decades of absence, he is surprised to find a young woman living there. But if it weren't for Nadia, the house would have gone to ruin a long time ago. He allows her to stay and as the two of them get to know each other, they find out about the reasons for Kache's absence and Nadia's presence. Set in the wilderness of Alaska, The House of Frozen Dreams makes you want to instantly move to this beautiful state and experience every season in a cabin in the woods just like Nadia and Kache and Kache's grandma Lettie before them. It is her who is my favorite character. The flashbacks to Lettie's past lend more depth to the story. A character I'm having problems with is Nadia. She just doesn't act like someone who grew up in a very religious community. There is a lot going on in this novel. Almost every character we get a closer look at, has some problem they have to deal with and some of those subplots aren't really necessary for a well-rounded story. Then, there is one thing that I found very annoying and that disrupted my reading flow: lyrics. Kache is a hobby musician and instead of writing what a song is about when he sings it there are the complete lyrics. This just doesn't fit. Nevertheless, The House of Frozen Dreams is an engaging love story that enchanted me with its beautiful Alaskan wilderness setting. If you are a fan of the North like I am, you might like this one.

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