Serena Waters Allure of the Caribbean Sea


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Kara closed her eyes with pleasure. "Are you sure you two have never done this before? Because you're both doing a real good job..." My husband Mike had always talked about having a threesome, and I had to admit the idea excited me. Why not? We were both hot, young, and sexually charged. However, I let him know that he would have to setup the whole thing if he ever wanted it to happen. On a vacation cruise in the Caribbean, the two of us met the lovely Kara. Beautiful hair, gorgeous body, and a fantastic dancer. I could tell immediately that my husband wanted her and she wanted him back. However, I didn't expect to feel so much sexual attention directed at me as well. I realized that, if the conditions were right, I would help my husband to get the experience of a lifetime. After a night of flirtatious dancing, would the sexy Kara return to us to our cruise ship balcony? This 8000 word story includes three hot twenty-something people exploring each other in a drama-free night of passion! An excerpt: "I bet you have some stories to tell." Kara smiled. "A few," she admitted. There was a knock on the door. "Tell me about it when I get back," Mike said. When he was out of earshot, she turned to me. "Is it going to bother you if I tell him my wildest story?" I perked up. "No! Now I'm curious, too!" I said. She blushed. "Well, it's not that racy. I just wanted to know if you were cool with me telling him something that will probably turn him on." I laughed. "The bigger question is, will it turn me on?" I blurted out. Suddenly, I realized what I said and stopped laughing. Kara picked up on it and just winked. Mike came out with the tray of fruit and Kara immediately went for a slice of pineapple. Mike sat down on the seat right next to her. His hand went to her hair and she moaned softly. I was surprised that I wasn't immediately jealous. "Okay, so we're supposed to flirt with the guests, and there's no policy against sleeping with them. None of the guys had caught my eye, but then there was this girl..." I leaned in, listening with rapt attention...
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