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Cover des Buches The Chronicles of Larry: Season One (ISBN: B01M00KJ6M)

The Chronicles of Larry: Season One

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Cover des Buches The Chronicles of Larry: Season One (ISBN: B01M00KJ6M)
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Not to my liking- unfortunately
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1,5 Stars

Umm... well... hmm...

I follow Sloane Howell (this book was written by him and his sister) on Facebook and he seems to be a great and funny guy. His posts make me smile most of the time. That´s why I was hoping that I´d enjoy this book. The introductions of Snatch and Mc Seesterson were awesome. This book... unfortunately was not :(

This book is the journal of Larry in which he writes about his life, adventures and the people in it. Larry is married and has two kids.

And that´s basically what this book is about. It´s like a diary somehow just without specific dates.

The writing style was good. I didn´t see any spelling/grammar mistakes and that´s a plus point as many books I´ve read lately had lots of them in it.

I wasn´t bothered by all the swearing and the way Larry was talking. But I didn´t like him. I was bothered by everything he did. He is selfish, mean, a bully, a alcoholic and an asshole. He´s hurting other ppl and makes fun of them and harms them also physically just for fun. The only good thing about him is that he cares for his children and is protective of them, even though most of his thoughts about them aren´t nice either. He is unhappy and miserable and seems to try to make others unhappy and miserable as well. He just doesn´t care of all the consequences of his actions. I don´t find anything about him, his words and actions funny. And that´s saying sth as I´m really open minded and love all kinds of humour. At least he knows he´s an asshole. So.... yeah. He is one of my most hated characters now.

3 or 4 times I had to smile, though. But most of the time it was because of sth someone else did or said.

The whole book was about the miserable life of Larry. Not even the thing with Jane was positive. He was rediculous when she was in front of him. Maybe it gets better in the following books but I´m not sure yet if I´m going to read them. I will read Sloane Howells other books though -the ones without the pen name. I hope and think that I´ll enjoy them more.

But as always. Read this book and make up your mind about it yourself. Tastes are different.

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