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Cover des Buches The Stranger Inside (ISBN: 9781471102790)

The Stranger Inside

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Cover des Buches The Stranger Inside (ISBN: 9781471102790)
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What happens to the victims of crime?
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The commercials of "The Stranger Inside" gave me the impression that the book would be about a husband who led a double life while his wife had no idea at all. So I was shocked when I found out that the wife had married a convicted murderer and she had been aware of it. This gave me the impression that Shannon Moroney could be a person who wants to manipulate her readers. But after asking her I had to learn that she isn´t happy with the marketing of the book either. It´s not her idea to present her story like this. What her story really is about is her experience as a criminal´s wife. Though she didn´t commit a crime she is confronted with a stigma put on her. Though her life was damaged by her husband´s crimes as well she isn´t considered to be a victim. Shannon Moroney marries a man who has killed a woman when he was 18. All experts agree that Jason is fully rehabilitated and will have a normal life so Shannon decides to take the risk and marry him. But only a few weeks afterwards Jason is arrested for kidnapping and raping 2 women. Shannon Moroney is devastated. In detail she describes the police investigation, the reaction of her friends and family and the consequences she has to face. For example her career as a school teacher comes to an end when she doesn´t agree to move to another school. She is lucky to have a friend who can diagnose her with post traumatic stress disorder so she is able to fight her way through. Shannon Moroney wants to raise awareness for the damages done by crime; not only the people who are directly confronted with violence but also indirectly involved people experience trauma, loss and destruction. Shannon Moroney describes her story in detail and makes it easy to understand. The only downside of the book is that she was getting all the support and she was treated well. So she is no good example of all the victims who are let down. On the other hand Simon & Schuster wanted to present a success story and most victims cannot present that. If you are a victim of crime here are 358 pages of help you deserve. As the real victims hardly get aid it´s a little provocative to complain about family members of criminals not getting enough help but it´s okay. Violence causes more victims than the legal system is revealing and all of them deserve help. 

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