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Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe: A Daily Guide to Scripture-Based Prayer is exactly what it says it is.

In the first part of the book Sharon Jaynes introduces her readers to the power and purpose of prayer as well as the sixteen landmarks used as a guide to cover your husband in prayer from head to toe. Each landmark represents a body part: his mind, eyes, ears, mouth, neck, shoulders, heart, back, arms, hands, ring finger, side, sexuality, legs, knees and feet. His mind represents what he thinks about; his eyes, what he looks at, his ears, what he listens to, and so on all the way down to his feet representing the path he takes.

The second and main part of the book consists of a thirty-day prayer guide. Each day contains scripture for each landmark and a prayer based on and incorporating that Bible passage. The daily prayers last between five to ten minutes. What a great way to invest your time!

One way to use the book is to start at the beginning of a month so that the days of prayer correspond with the dates of the month. Or just jump right in and start at any time of the month. After completing the thirty days of prayer you can start over again. I most certainly will. The book closes with a time for reflection.

The prayers are written as though your husband were a Christian. But if he isn’t, the appendix offers prayers for his salvation. Other additional resources include prayers for his fatherhood if he is a dad and prayers for healing if he is sick. The book can be used individually or with girlfriends and as part of a women’s group at church.

Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe is a unique and powerful tool that will no doubt enrich your prayer life. It would make a perfect gift for your girlfriends and female family members, whether they recently got engaged, are newlywed or have been married for decades.

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Very worthwhile devotional - wholeheartedly recommended
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Knowing God by Name is an eight-week devotional exploring different aspects of God’s character. Throughout the Bible, God reveals His complex character by identifying Himself by different names. In this inspiring book, the Girlfriends in God Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith and Mary Southerland look in detail at forty of those names.

Each week consists of five days’ devotional reading followed by one reflective study day. Each day’s reading includes personal stories combined with biblical truths and closes with a prayer. If, like me, you are a subscriber to the daily Girlfriends in God email devotionals, many of the personal stories the authors share in this book will probably be familiar to you.

On their website, the authors have provided additional free video content for each week, which is a nice touch. Other special features include journaling pages at the end of each section and a pronunciation guide for God’s Hebrew and Greek names.

While I really like the idea of journaling pages, they don’t really work for me in the eBook version. I found that a little frustrating and would therefore definitely recommend getting the print version instead. I also have to admit that I would have preferred the questions to be spread throughout the week rather than having so much content to work through on one day at the end of each week. At times I felt rather overwhelmed by this.

On the whole, this is still a very worthwhile devotional book I’d recommend wholeheartedly. It really helps getting to know the different aspects of God’s character and is a great introduction to a number of His names found in the Bible.


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