Something (Wisteria 1): A Paranormal Horror Mystery

von Shelby Lamb 
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Something (Wisteria 1): A Paranormal Horror Mystery
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Something (Wisteria 1): A Paranormal Horror Mystery"

5 out of 5 stars for this excellent, suspenseful horror novel, and I am already looking forward to the next book in the series. “I will find true love, and everything will be okay. I will find true love, and everything will be okay…” she chanted. They say be careful what you read. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. It can happen to anyone. This is just four teenagers’ story. Aubrey Golding hates her face, her body, and is devastated after Nathan Silva leaves her. Alone, suicidal, and desperate for love, she discovers a book called Something and unknowingly links others to a dark and terrifying curse that is beginning to consume her. Nathan is glad to be moving on with someone new and can hardly believe what is happening now. Wild child and amateur porn star, Bella Broadhurst, loves bullying that “emo whore” Aubrey with the other girls, but mostly she loves partying, hookups, and plain ol’ drama when terror arises. And Kendra Coke is just a new teen mother working on a delicate relationship when things start becoming utterly bizarre. Chilling sleep disturbances and figures hiding in the corners of their rooms are just warnings of what is to come. Be careful what you read, they say. Tread carefully. Editorial Review: Something (Wisteria 1) is a New Adult fiction novel in the horror, fantasy, and mystery genres. It takes dark humor, good writing, and frightening and controversial subject matter to give a unique twist on its chosen categories. The nail-biting idea of a curse being spread by reading a book will make readers feel a part of the story, and more connected to the diverse and interesting characters, including a young woman diving head-first into the adult industry and a wholesome mamma's boy named Nathan Silva. I found it to be a very exciting concept that is reminiscent of the 2012 popular American horror film, The Ring. Aubrey Golding, who is at the center of this story, is a self-harmer who fantasizes about suicide. She dabbles in drugs, alcohol, and risky sex. While she manages to inadvertently spread the curse around like an STD, she is hell-bent on winning back her love interest, Nathan, who is shagging her best friend behind her back. I just could not put down this book.


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    misspidervor 2 Jahren
    This was not for me

    The summary (and also the cover) of this book were so promising, I just couldn't resist. Sadly, for me this was another reversed case of 'don't judge a book by its cover'... I don't mind books with unlikable characters, and I've read a couple good books where I really couldn't stand the main character. But when it comes to whiny self-obsessed immature girls I'm completely out.

    The main character Aubrey, who is constantly wallowing in self-pity, was absolutely unbearable, and more than once I wished she would choke on it already. Her countless sms messages to her ex-boyfriend were just too pathetic and childish to believe. The other characters were equally exaggerated which made it impossible to read this book in earnest but more like a caricature of certain stereotypes.

    The citations from the book titled 'Something', which Aubrey finds and starts obsessing about, oozed mysterious, dark, dramatic and foreboding aura - but nevertheless I couldn't make head nor tail of them and forget all of it immediately.

    The chapters and scenes often changed too abruptly, missing the smooth transition that also is a sign for good writing. While the writing itself was not bad, the style and especially its unique 'voice' was not for me - maybe I'm just too old for this stuff, and YA readers might disagree (though I desperately hope not).

    The one highlight of the book was its ending, which gave some sense to the previous strange episodes and, despite my low rating, rouses some curiosity for the sequel.

    (Thanks to librarything, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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