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Autor von Des Lebens Fülle, Bitterroot Landing und weiteren Büchern.

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Bitterroot Landing

Bitterroot Landing

Erschienen am 01.04.1997
The Sweet In-Between

The Sweet In-Between

Erschienen am 27.10.2009
The Rapture of Canaan

The Rapture of Canaan

Erschienen am 01.10.1997

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Geschundene Seelen und der Sumpf
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"I realized I'd never been touched, I'd been handled. There was a difference."

Jael grows up with a woman she calls Mammie somewhere in the southern swamps, in a shop that sells moonshine and draws in figures that are not at all wholesome for a young girl. When one evening she accidentally kills the women supposed to be taking care of her, Jael's fate is sealed. 

Instead of finding a stable home she is adopted by a disgusting Reverent River Bill, who first treats her as a child and then as his wife, but she finds a way to escape him and spends a while living on her own in the swamps, before she is rescued by a group of women and finds work and home in a church. 

It was almost painful to read Jael's story, all the terrible things that happened to her and the fact that she was abandoned and hurt by people who were supposed to take care of her.

Jael finds God, or something like it. While she works in the Church (cleaning), she talks to saints and her own little goddess. This might sound strange and is actually weird at times but never off-putting.

"Gods change colors and spin themselves new garment every day. Sometimes wearing our own aged faces, they tap us on the shoulder, wave to say, "You're going to make it through."

Her journey to God helps her to overcome her traumatizing past and find happiness and love. Sheri Reynolds manages to bring this story across without cheesiness or being overly-religious and her style of writing captures the atmosphere in the South perfectly. 

A short, very touching novel


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