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Lady of Silver (Blood & Silver)

Lady of Silver (Blood & Silver)

Erschienen am 21.02.2017

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Fast-paced, yes, but not when it's too fast
Artemis_25vor 2 Jahren

Hmm, ok, somehow the story promised to be much more than it actually turned out to be in the end.
But first off, let's start with the good things about it.
The idea of the Albah, a cross between witch and elf, and how a vampire comes to be is quite original. I like how the Albah magic works, especially the connections that can be accomplished via blood magic. Even more intrigued I was by Saba being unintentionally connected to the killer vampire. That could have made a very gripping story indeed. Sadly, it didn't.
I felt like I was pulled through the plot too fast. There was no time to get deeper into the things that happened, let alone to get to know the characters properly. Oftentimes their actions were a mystery to me, their behaviour contradictory. Dale is the most prominent example for that. He can't seem to decide if he can handle Saba plus her magic. And suddenly he can, right after he's done his heroic deed which in itself was a very short episode that left me unsatisfied because of it. I mean, this is the end of it all? There are still so many questions unanswered, important ones like who made the vampire and why.

Usually I like stories that come to the point quickly. But I like to explore, too, get deep into a world solely created by words. It's a pity that I wasn't able to do that here because the potential for that is definitely there. So I won't read the following books of this series. Perhaps there are people who enjoy this kind of shallow reading but I don't, sorry.


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