Simone Pond The New Agenda (The New Agenda Series Book 2)


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Amazon Best Seller in Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Science Fiction. The New Agenda is the follow up to The City Center and goes back to how it all started. For certain, society was disintegrating: humans were self-destructive and wildly uncontrolled. But young William Morray had hoped, as an idealistic teenager, that his father’s acclaimed Repatterning Program––a precursor to the brilliant New Agenda––could manage the upheaval and get society back on track. They said it was for the greater good: out of chaos comes order and from the ashes the phoenix will rise. They said the Repatterning was a positive event, but like most advertising, it was a lie. William’s wish had always been to work with his father and win his approval. However, when he is sent away to a remote underground safety shelter in Denver, William is awakened to the grisly truth that the Repatterning is a mass genocide. And worse: his father, the New Agenda leader, is the spearhead of this horrifying plan to eradicate all cities, homes and people outside of the Elite citizenship. William decides to team up with an underground rebel alliance to end the Repatterning and save what’s left of civilization. ˃˃˃ Here's what readers are saying: - "The New Agenda" is a beautifully written prequel to "The City Center". The unpredictability blew me away. The story has unexpected twists, realistic human traits, and a frightening reality. - I loved this book, getting to see some history as to what eventually led to the lives being lived in The City Center. I tore through this book in one sitting because I just could not put it down!! It's seriously that good!!! - If you like good sci-fi and individual thought from an author that tells a story in a unique and undefined manner, this book is for you. If you like good fiction that you will dive into, this book is for you. If you geek out on complex characters, this book is for you. If you dig dark angles, this book is for you. - Great story, very entertaining. I really enjoyed reading this book, the only drawback was that it kept me up way past my bedtime. Can't wait for the next installment. - Getting to see the backstory of what shaped the character of William Morray was fantastic. If you've read the first book, "The City Center" (which you should!) then you understand where he ends up, but not how he got there. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the world of "The New Agenda" truly illustrates that. The pacing is great, it held my interest and stayed exciting throughout, and it threw in some unexpected turns while keeping me intrigued for the next installment. Highly recommend. - I promise that you will truly enjoy "The New Agenda" but both books fit so seamlessly together that they read quite well in either direction. You gotta' read both of them.... but you can start with either "The City Center" or "The New Agenda" and still completely enjoy the story. - The New Agenda is a fantastically fun read. I highly suggest reading City Center first. Neither will disappoint. It's full of heroes to love, and villains to hate. - “The New Agenda” fuses good ol’ fashion “coming-of-age” storytelling with “poop-hitting-the-fan” sci-fi and healthy sampling of “conspiracy theory” in this charged, thought-provoking and page-turning yarn. Scroll up to buy your copy!
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    The New Agenda (The New Agenda Series Book 2)


    26. December 2014 um 21:27

    Inhalt: Es geht um die Geschichte von William Morray, der im 1. Teil der Boss von City Center ist. Es spielt daher inder Vergangenheit, auch wenn es durch Einschübe mit dem ersten Teil zeitlich verbunden ist. Bewertung: Es ist ein schöner Jugendroman, den die Charaktere gehen durch die typischen Stadien - Liebe, Eltern und der "Kampf" mit ihnen, das Thema wer sind meine Freunde und wen kann ich glauben und vertrauen. Die Charaktere entwickeln sich während der Geschichte oder man weiss nicht alles über sie, so dass man schon beim Lesen ueberrascht wird. Es ist interessant, die Entwicklung von William zu beobachten, weil man sich mit ihm gut identifizieren kann. Er kämpft eigentlich gegen seinen Vater und will mit dem City Center nichts zu tun haben und deswegen will man wissen, wie es zu seiner Rolle später gekommen ist. Man kann seine Entwicklung im Endeffekt verstehen, auch wenn er nicht immer (vor allem am Ende) wirklich sympathisch ist. Das Buch liest sich gut, die Sprache ist nicht schwer und es macht Spaß.

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