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A fascinating puzzle with pieces found in the past and present
Artemis_25vor 4 Tagen

This story fascinated me right from the start. Two murders in two different timelines investigated by a journalist several years later. I was constantly looking for a connection between the two dead girls. Have they possibly been killed by the same person? Is the man who is said to have murdered one of them actually innocent? Why is Idlewild Hall suddenly to be rebuilt? And who is Mary Hand? She seems to haunt the place both girls have been found. Is she an actual ghost or is there a reasonable explanation for her existance? How can it be that somehow everyone can see, hear and feel her at some point? And what does she want? Is she good or evil? Does she have anything to do with the murders? I’ve been quite curious about the answers to all these questions, though I’m still not sure if I like the answers given in the end. I think I would’ve liked it better if the "ghost" had taken on an even bigger role. It could have been used even more effectively to enhance the suspense.
The in-depthness of the characters impressed me. The story is told from the perspective of four girls attending Idlewild (the 1950 timeline) of whom one of them later disappears and whose body is discovered years later in the well of the then closed and to be restored again school. And then there is the one perspective in 2014 where the journalist, Fiona, investigates the murder of the girl and, at the same time, re-investigates her sister‘s murder. She is not the typical police officer. There is actual personal involvement, a looking for closure. So, naturally, it gets quite emotional. I just would have wished to be given the chance to speculate more by myself. Fiona is pretty much doing all the thinking.
There is even some romance to be found in this book. Fiona’s realtionship to the cop, Jamie, is tested quite severely. Conflicting interests, Fiona’s obsession with her sister’s death, Jamie’s parents not being fond of them dating. Quite an emotional mess, I’d say, but realistically portrayed nonetheless.

All in all, this story’s different approach to investigating murders has been really interesting to read. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to try a mixture of thriller, mystery and gothic novel.


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