Skye Eagleday Eye of Wolf (Alpha Gay Werewolf Romance)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Eye of Wolf (Alpha Gay Werewolf Romance)“ von Skye Eagleday

Eye of Wolf (Alpha Gay Werewolf Romance) Dallas had left his Werewolf Pack and former lover far behind in Phoenix to take a much needed break with his Seattle friend, Billy the Power Bottom. He meets another potential alpha--Jax. There is an immediate attraction on several levels that will lead Dallas back into the complexity of the Pack Politics he was trying to escape. Suddenly Dallas finds himself a witness as Jax is Challenged by his brother for Pack Leader. Jax would prefer to walk away--will his homophobic Pack accept the first openly gay alpha? Especially when Dallas is standing beside him? (An adults only gay erotic romance that includes Kindle melting graphically explicit sexual encounters between alpha werewolves. This over 14,000 word adults only story includes the Tale of Dallas and Jax that first appeared in Supernatural Sex and the City, along with all new material.) Excerpt: “I'm Jeffery St. Claire,” a deep voice said from behind me. If I hadn't been so focused on Jax, he couldn't have sneaked up on me. This was a potentially dangerous and very unknown place. I couldn't afford to get careless. He stepped in front of me and offered me his hand. When I shook it, I felt the unmistakable tingle of the evne, the supernatural energy that makes us who and what we are. I wondered if he were doing it on purpose, or if he were just so powerful it just constantly dripped out of him. He gave me that look I knew so well--”When can we do it?” Nice to know I still had it. “How long have you known Jax?” I asked. I wasn't going to run off and bang him at a funeral. That would be even more tacky than the best man screwing the bride right before the wedding. As Bette Midler once said, “I have my standards. They may be low, but I have them.” I'll admit I was tempted. I knew from direct experience with my werebear, someone who was able to focus his evne could kick up sex into the stratosphere. But to my own surprise, I really wondered about Jax and what it would be like to actually be his formal mate. God, who do I think I am? Sadie, Sadie, married lady? Like I was ever known as Mr. Monogamous. I mean, I had once been called an incubus slamming Viagra. “Since we were kids. Our fathers were allies, so you know how those things go. Your family is required to alternate an occasional weekend at your ally's home. If you have more than one child, then the kid is sent over as a potential hostage and then he gets returned to show how much of an ally you really are.” He looked over at Jax who was still busy with his funeral duties. “But our fathers were close on all levels—just like Jax and I were.” He looked back at me just to make sure I heard “with benefits” was the unspoken tag line. Sure, like father like sons. Jacob had probably been envious of Jeffery as well. He got to watch Jax go spend fun weekends with Jeffery. I bet I know who his first boyfriend was. How convenient. Wait—what the hell? Instead of thinking about what it would be like to have a fun weekend of my own with Jefferey I was actually feeling a tickle of jealousy he was Jax's childhood cherry popper? What was wrong with me? Maybe I was suffering from PTSD after the ripping the head off thing.
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