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  • Over the top and unrealistic, but fun.

    Unexpected (The Protectors, Book 10)


    10. February 2018 um 09:47 Rezension zu "Unexpected (The Protectors, Book 10)" von Sloane Kennedy

    Former president Everett Shaw lost the only man he ever loved years ago and has never quite recovered from that, and he's estranged from his son because of the relationship.He lived a reclusive live with Agent Nash as his bodyguard, until his son is badly injured rescuing another man. Even though his son Reese will not even talk to him, Everett tries to be there for him. Reese's college Gage invites Reese as well as Everett and Nash to his farm while Reese recuperates. While there Everett, Nash and Gage find themselves all drawn ...

  • Protectors#6

    Atonement (The Protectors) (Volume 6)


    20. March 2017 um 12:00 Rezension zu "Atonement (The Protectors) (Volume 6)" von Sloane Kennedy

     Once Dante meets Magnus, everything changes. Maybe he can´t fight his self-loathing or the fact that he lost his brother or the fact that his parents kicked him out..But he can fight the attraction he feels toward this man. He can flaunt his sexuality in front of Magnus. Magnus who just doesn´t care. Magnus, who seems to turn him down everytime. No matter if it concerns his safety. Magnus, who is very effectively made of stone. Right?

  • Finding Hope

    Finding Hope (Volume 5)


    20. March 2017 um 11:51 Rezension zu "Finding Hope (Volume 5)" von Sloane Kennedy

    Not much to say for this one except it´s great. All those conflicting feelings, the trouble these men have to conquer over and over and in the end - love. Sloane Kennedy is one of my favorite authors, a fact that is being established again and again whenever I read one of her books. 

  • Finding forgiveness

    Finding Forgiveness (Finding Series, Book 4)


    24. November 2016 um 10:02 Rezension zu "Finding Forgiveness (Finding Series, Book 4)" von Sloane Kennedy

    Grace to kindle unlimited, I read every part of Sloane Kennedy's Finding Series. Just like the ones before, this book is very stunning. The characters are more bruised than in the series' first parts, and that makes it only the better to read. I was - am still - stunned. Thank you for that wonderful piece od literature.

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