Unexpected (The Protectors, Book 10)

von Sloane Kennedy 
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Unexpected (The Protectors, Book 10)
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Pretty ott, soap opera kind of story with lots of drama and angst. Slow-burn triangle relationship. Unrealistic, but lots of fun and hot sex

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Inhaltsangabe zu "Unexpected (The Protectors, Book 10)"

I finally had the chance at a perfect life when I met the man I was supposed to be with. But he's gone and chances like that don't come along twice in one lifetime. Right?
Former president Everett Shaw had his whole life laid out for him from the time he was a child and he lived out every expectation to complete and utter perfection... until he met the one man who changed everything. With plans to leave public life behind after finishing his term in office, Everett was looking forward to a quiet life with the man of his dreams at his side. But one brutal act of violence stole that bright future away, leaving Everett struggling just to get through each day.

A decade later finds Everett nearing the age of sixty and living a shell of a life. Haunted by his loss, he finds solace in his roses and evenings sitting in front of the television. But when his estranged son is horribly injured while saving the life of another, Everett leaves everything behind in the hopes of mending the broken relationship and helping his son heal in more ways than one.

My job is to protect and there are rules that have to be followed. Even if there weren't, I wouldn't risk letting anyone close... not again.
Special Agent Jonathan Nash's job is to keep the former president safe, not be his friend. Even if something about the lonely older man draws him in, he's not about to risk what's left of his career for anything. And it's not like a guy like Everett Shaw would really see him anyway. Nor would he want him to, considering the ugly past Nash left behind to pursue his dream. No, he's better off following protocol and doing his job. Let someone else deal with the broken man. It's not his problem... it can't be.

I learned a long time ago to live life on my terms and that sometimes you have to take that leap of faith to get what you want. But wanting two men at the same time? That's new, even for me.
At forty-five years old, former Navy SEAL Gage Fortier has experienced success and loss in equal measure, and while his life has taken a direction he never planned, he wouldn't have it any other way. When Reese, the young man he's partnered with in the underground vigilante group they both work for, is injured on the job, he sees an opportunity to build on the friendship with the bitter former soldier while giving him a place to recover. But when he discovers that the young man is actually the estranged son of a former U.S. president, Gage realizes he has the chance to give both father and son so much more. There's only one problem with his plan... how to ignore his growing attraction for the devishly handsome Everett Shaw.

And Everett's perpetual shadow, Agent Nash.

Three men on very separate courses. Until something unexpected happens and three become one...

*TRIGGER WARNING: This book has a couple of triggers. You can check out what they are by downloading the sample or using the "Look Inside" feature and scrolling to the appropriate page. Note that reading the trigger warnings could cause spoilers.

*Can be read as a standalone novel.

The Protectors series crosses over with some of my other series, so for the most enjoyment, they should be read in order, but it is not required. You can find the correct reading order at the beginning of each book. I've also bundled all my series in the correct reading order under the title of A Family Chosen: The Protectors and Barrettis.


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    Sakukos avatar
    Sakukovor 8 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Pretty ott, soap opera kind of story with lots of drama and angst. Slow-burn triangle relationship. Unrealistic, but lots of fun and hot sex
    Over the top and unrealistic, but fun.

    Former president Everett Shaw lost the only man he ever loved years ago and has never quite recovered from that, and he's estranged from his son because of the relationship.
    He lived a reclusive live with Agent Nash as his bodyguard, until his son is badly injured rescuing another man. Even though his son Reese will not even talk to him, Everett tries to be there for him. Reese's college Gage invites Reese as well as Everett and Nash to his farm while Reese recuperates. While there Everett, Nash and Gage find themselves all drawn to each other.

    Disclaimer: This has been my first book by the author, so I'm sure I'm not on the up&up of the series. It's a 10th part, after all. It's not my usual fare, I'm not one for revenge, violence, angst, bodyguards, you know, all the thing the series seems to be about. But sometimes I just can't walk past a certain blurb.

    I thought the book was easy enough to read, even without any previous knowledge, so that was good. There where a bunch of people in there I'm sure are from previous books, but none presented in a way that I felt I lacked background.

    The book had very much a soap opera feel for me. There was, technically, plenty angst and certainly enough drama and some violence. Also, some of the backstories just felt gratuitously gruesome. Especially Gage's mom. Just... while in most other books that would have garnered a strong reaction from me, it did not here. It didn't feel real or realistic or even touching. I guess most of it felt rather over the top, so I was essentially just.. ignoring how bad it sounded and just went with the flow.
    That's not to say it's exactly a bad thing, not for me, at least, but I'm not really sure that's the intended effect.

    I enjoyed the character and the triangle a lot, but again, more in a OTT, just for fun kind of way. I thought the character had some rather ridiculous backstories, all of them pretty bad, that I wondered if anyone in this series had managed to have a normal childhood at all. I liked that it was rather slow-burn, but I also thought it just slotted together way too easily when it happened. But for a guilty pleasure read it really worked for me. I also dig the whole hurt/comfort parts.

    I thought the ages of the characters could have portrait a bit more accurately. Especially during sex. Everett certainly doesn't react like he's nearly 60... that refractory period *shakes head*
    The sex scenes are pretty hot though, even if a bit too focused on the manual, I thought.

    All in all it's a stress-free, romantic comfort read despite the heavy themes thrown in, if you can just ignore how put on it's all is.


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