Fit to Burst (Lesbian Watersports)

von Sofia Bane
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Fit to Burst (Lesbian Watersports)
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When Chelsea gets dared to wet her pants by her girlfriend Sonya during a desperate walk in the park, they're both surprised to find the other is turned on by it. But will Sonya be able to last through the hold-it game that Chelsea challenges her to at a party that night? Warning: story contains desperation, watersports, shameless public wetting, and two very kinky lesbians! Read at your own risk. Excerpt ------ My head swam, and not just from the beer, as I watched Sonya fidget so delicately. “I don’t know. I’m gonna use the bathroom," I told our friends. I got up, tossed my empty beer can, and entered the house. My hands shook as I locked the bathroom door and, being so very naughty, I sat on the toilet with my panties still on. I had on a skirt, so I could get away with this, unlike poor Sonya. I relaxed and let the trickle of pee flow into the thin silk. The warmth spread over my ass, making the panties heavy, but also up the front, moistening up to my clit. Experimentally I dragged a finger across my panties and rubbed the wet fabric into my cunt, and shuddered. No, I would be desperate too tonight, in my own way. I made myself pee slowly, enjoying the drip-drip of droplets off my panties into the bowl. Yes, I really needed to be fucked. It was an amazing amount of self-control not to touch myself as I dabbed my panties with toilet paper and dropped my skirt back into place. Sonya was in the kitchen when I left the bathroom, filling a water glass. “Hey.” “Hey,” I answered. “Look.” I stepped behind the counter and lifted up my skirt secretively. Her eyes widened. “My god, you didn’t.” “I did. On purpose, on the toilet. Which you can’t.” Sonya ran one long teasing finger down my slit, and we both shuddered. “It hurts so bad,” she said, squeezing so quickly between her legs. “And yet…?” I nodded to her water glass. She grinned guiltily. “I like the pain.”


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