A Hole in the World

von Sophie Robbins 
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A Hole in the World
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Inhaltsangabe zu "A Hole in the World"

Bianca’s life is tediously normal until the day she rescues a fairytale princess from a troll. Then, everything changes and Bianca finds herself being thrust into the role of Prince Charming whether she likes it or not. Despite her misgivings, she’s drawn to the strange Princess and her ways and before she knows where she is she’s forced to fight for her love - and her life. Other comments/reviews: “[...] the story just fascinated me from beginning to end. I loved the idea in general, the hole between worlds, the princess in distress the not-quite Prince Charming. It's witty and lovely and rather epic and all sorts of gripping. I loved the characterisation, I loved the relationship between Bianca and Alexandra, I loved 'the gang'...it was just an awesome read, tyvm!” “[...] This was absolutely adorable, it captured everything i love about ya fiction and had amazing characterizations throughout. Some of my favorite YA books are the fantasy/realism fusions and i really felt this GOT it. I also loved the f/f aspect because I find that queer YA books are generally ~dramatic hs plots instead of ever venturing into fantasy etc.”


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    Lenys avatar
    Lenyvor 5 Jahren

    This book is like a modern fairy tale. Bianca gets through a hole to a different world and rescues the fairy tale princess Alexandra who is trapped in a cage. Alexandra accompanies Bianca to our world because she thinks that Bianca is her Prince Charming. Now Bianca has to protect her from our big bad world. She finally has to admit to herself that she has fallen in love with Alexandra and must fight for her. But is it already too late for that?

    I just loved this book. The plot is just marvellous (in my opinion at least). It’s kind of new, because it’s about two girls, but that made the book terrific in the first place. Alexandra is so funny with her slightly different ideology. She is just so kind, attentive and helpful. She knows nothing about this world and because of that she doesn’t know the dangers and the bad in our world either. I think it’s pretty cool how Bianca deals with the situation. She’s so likeable and I don’t understand how her family can’t see that. She’s definitely brave as well as straight forward. She’s hilarious but doesn’t lose her sympathy in the process. Even though I wanted to shake her at times so she fights more for Alexandra. But the ending made up for all that. The two of them are just wonderful together and the chemistry between them is just perfect and they are so adorable. The other characters were good as well, although they don’t develop throughout the book and don’t have an interesting background like Bianca or Alexandra.

    All in all I think this book was just perfect and I really hope that the author will write more. I don’t care if it’s a sequel to this book or something completely different, I would buy and read anything she writes. A sequel would be pretty cool because I think it would be interesting to learn more about Alexandra’s world. I would like to know how Bianca’s family is doing as well or what kind of people Alexandra’s parents are. So no matter what Sophie Robbins writes in the future I will definitely read it.


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