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The title suggests some kind of parenting guidebook, which "How To Raise a Good Kid" definitely is not - or not in the usual way. It is not filled with raised moral fingers or lists of do's and dont's. It does not contain unnecessary tips that make you think "Any reasonable person already knows that - I don't need a book to repeat the obvious".

Instead, it makes you think about ways to raise and teach a kid about life in a very subtle, almost unnoticed way. By telling small anecdotes from his own childhood, the author evokes memories and feelings from the reader's own past. Comparing the stories to your own experiences, maybe as a parent already, but definitely as the child you once were yourself, you may gain a new perspective on certain subjects and reconsider your own actions.

A parent myself, I sentimentalized remembering similar moments with my child, but also of my own childhood. I was reminded of those little every day moments that make a significant impact on a child's development, though a parent may not recognize their importance the way a child does. It's the small things and actions that matter and that we should be aware of every day.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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