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Stella StarlingAll I Want
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All I Want
All I Want
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Too much jabbering on.
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Department store heir and playboy Ben Ashby has been in the wrong kind of scandal. His father is furious and makes him do a stint as a lowly store Santa Claus for the holidays. But then Ben meets the retail clerk Elliot, who may be not his usual type, but he finds his shyness, naivety and believe in Christmas captivating anyway.

I feel I shouldn't have bothered to finish the book. I actually skimmed most of the last half.
It's just written so verbose, everything is detailed to death, all thought processes laid out in full, it's just too much useless information that doesn't do anything for the plot or the romance.

Also, the plot is really stereotypical and I felt not much was done to make it something more. Ben is shown as this careless, callous playboy, but pretty much immediately upon meeting Elliot he's a changed man. There's no struggle or anything, no trying to make it feel more realistic or believable.

It has a bit of a fairy tale feel, as everyone is either entirely black or white, Ben's father is beyond unacceptable his friends suck and I thought it was all painted on a bit thick. Also, the story isn't always all that logical. So Ben's father makes a fuss because he doesn't want to do what he's told, cause he want's Ben's scandals as promotion material, set's the press on his heels and then just lets him and Elliot be afterwards, no cutting him off, no nothing?

The book just felt really jabbering, meandering and way too long for what it is. The characters felt one-dimensional and flat and the plot feels like an excuse. I really did not enjoy the book and did not feel it was well written. Luckily it was free.


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