Stella Whitelaw Dangerous Shadows


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Dangerous Shadows“ von Stella Whitelaw

Everyone's got a dark side… When nineteen year old Holly Gray becomes an assistant to Luke Kenyon – a devilishly handsome American producer working in London – she has no idea how head over heels in love with him she will fall. After a wonderful summer together, he asks her to meet him at Heathrow with his favourite ginger biscuits before he flies home. But when Holly arrives at Heathrow, Luke has left, leaving nothing but a goodbye note at the check-in desk. Holly is devastated. But things are about to get worse for the red haired beauty, when she meets Jake Fellows, a man down on his luck. Holly and her roommate Sadie let him crash on their sofa while he looks for a place to live. But when Holly asks him to pick up a lottery ticket for her, with the numbers she played every week, he discovers she’s won. He cashes in her winnings and disappears. Holly has sworn off men, when her cousin Danielle asks her to be her bridesmaid at her wedding in Barbados. Thinking it will take her mind off things she agrees and flies to the beautiful island for a three week vacation. But Holly is devastated to learn that the groom is none other than Luke Kenyon – the man who left her heartbroken at the airport only a few months before. But just when she thought things couldn’t get any stranger, another man from Holly’s past shows up and this time, he has revenge on his mind. Set against the sultry backdrop of Barbados, Dangerous Shadows will have you wondering just how dangerous the past can be… Praise for Stella Whitelaw ‘An absolute treat of a novel… clever and well-constructed’ – Booklist Stella Whitelaw is a professional writer and journalist, with over 55 novels published as well as over 325 short stories in national women's magazines. She was Secretary of the Parliamentary Press Gallery at the House of Commons and now lives in Surrey with six beautiful cats.
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