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Hidden Magic: An Ancient Magic Novel

Hidden Magic: An Ancient Magic Novel

Erschienen am 14.10.2016

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Amazing debut!
IraWiravor 2 Jahren

Oh haven't met Cyn and Bri yet? Well, look forward to it because this book is totally amazing! It is suspenseful but it also made me laugh so hard, I ended up reading whole passages of it to my family because they wanted to know what I was laughing about.
At the same time it was also suspenseful, keeping me glued to the reader, fearing the worst, hoping the best and laughing, crying, smiling goofily - and falling in love with the hero and the heroine.

When Cynwrig realises that Briana can see him, he is absolutely astonished but he is even more astonished when he finds out, that he just exists in Briana's imagination - or not?
2000 years ago, the Romans attacked Cynwrig's home, the place where the last Druids were living. As a result the last of the Druids were scattered in the world - and not all of them came back, when it was time to reunite. While Cynwrig searches for his mentor, the leader of the Druids he stumbles upon someone very special, kindle-reading, nature loving, sweet Briana who very soon feels like a part of his soul.
Unfortunately they have to find out that Cyn's old enemies are still alive - and they are still trying to extinguish his people and Bri gets right in the middle of it all....
This wonderful, witty, exciting and romantic story is a debut that you shouldn't miss and I just hope that we won't have to wait too long for another book by Stephany Wallace because I look definitely forward to another book by this promising author!


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