Dark Screams: Volume Six

von Stephen King und Norman Prentiss
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Dark Screams: Volume Six
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Dark Screams: Volume Six"

Stephen King, Lisa Morton, Nell Quinn-Gibney, Norman Prentiss, Joyce Carol Oates, and Tim Curran plunge readers into the dark side in this deeply unsettling short-story collection curated by legendary horror editors Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar. THE OLD DUDE’S TICKER by Stephen King Richard Drogan has been spooked ever since he came back from Nam, but he’s no head case, dig? He just knows the old dude needs to die. THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT by Lisa Morton Even though she made her name revealing the private lives of the rich and famous, Sara Peck has no idea how deep their secrets really go . . . or the price they’ll pay to get what they desire. THE MANICURE by Nell Quinn-Gibney A trip to the nail salon is supposed to be relaxing. But as the demons of the past creep closer with every clip, even the most serene day of pampering can become a nightmare. THE COMFORTING VOICE by Norman Prentiss It’s a little strange how baby Lydia can only be soothed by her grandfather’s unnatural voice, ravaged by throat cancer. The weirdest part? What he’s saying is more disturbing than how he says it. THE SITUATIONS by Joyce Carol Oates There are certain lessons children must learn, rules they must follow, scars they must bear. No lesson is more important than this: Never question Daddy. Or else. THE CORPSE KING by Tim Curran Grave robbers Kierney and Clow keep one step ahead of the law as they ply their ghoulish trade, but there’s no outrunning a far more frightening enemy that hungers for the dead. Praise for the Dark Screams series “A wicked treat [featuring] . . . some of the genre’s best.”—Hellnotes, on Volume One “Five fun-to-read stories by top-notch horror scribes. How can you lose? The answer: you can’t.”—Atomic Fangirl, on Volume Two “If you have not tried the series yet, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of any (or all) of the books for yourself.”—Examiner.com, on Volume Three “Fans of horror of every variety will find something to love in these pages.”—LitReactor, on Volume Four “[Volume Five] runs the gamut from throwback horror to lyrical and heartbreaking tales.”—Publishers Weekly


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    misspidervor einem Jahr
    Just OK

    The Old Dude's Ticker (Stephen King)
    Easily the worst story by King I remember reading. The obsessive repetition of the "dig it" phrase really grated my nerves, though I understand that it was one way to describe the guy's way of thinking. The plot itself was OK, but nothing special. *

    The Rich Are Different (Lisa Morton)
    Though definitely a bit corny, I really enjoyed this story as some light entertainment. ***

    The Manicure (Nell Quinn-Gibney)
    It was OK but not remarkably so, and it seems I already forgot most of it. **

    The Comforting Voice (Norman Prentiss)
    My favorite story in this collection, it describes a very normal nightmare situation each parent can relate to. I loved the weird idea the author presented to solve the 'problem'. ****

    The Situations (Joyce Carol Oates)
    I'm still a bit confused what the author wanted to tell me, but I liked the dark feeling the story created. **

    The Corpse King (Tim Curran)
    This was a novella-sized story, which IMHO could have been condensed to a short story. Lots of repetitive chapters and descriptions of the poor and dirty life people of that time had to master, but which did nothing to push the story on. Especially the dialogues in their poor attempt to be funny soon became boring and I was glad every time talking was relieved by action. **

    So far, this is my least favorite part of the series, but I'm sure things will get better with the next volume.

    (Thanks to Netgalley, the authors, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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