Stephen King From a Buick 8. (New English Library (nel))


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Inhaltsangabe zu „From a Buick 8. (New English Library (nel))“ von Stephen King

In Stephen King's <I>From a Buick 8</I>, a group of Pennsylvania State Troopers find, and keep secret, the Buick 8, a "car" that is a portal between our world and some world far more horrid. Animals and occasionally people disappear around the Buick 8 and every so often something unpleasant comes through from the other side. The alien monsters here are creatures of pure disgust; King terrifyingly argues here that somewhere in the universe there are things for which we can have no fellow-feeling. All of the narrators are marked by the Buick 8--it is a focus for personal disaster--but they believe, rightly, that they are the competent authorities, that to hand it over would make things worse. After the death of one of the original Troopers, the rest gather round his teenage son, and tell him the tale; this is a book about storytelling and about listening and about not hearing what you are told. As such, it is a worthy fictional companion to King's excellent <I>On Writing</I>; significantly, its considerable strengths come partly from King's imagination, partly from the technical mastery that lets him play the narrators off against each other, and partly from research, from King's own capacity to listen to real cops. <I>--Roz Kaveney</I>

Stöbern in Krimi & Thriller


Megagut, mitreißend und spannend wie üblich. Mich hat's unterhalten.


Freier Fall

Einfach toll <3 Rasant, spannend und einfach fesselnd


Die Bestimmung des Bösen

ZU biologisch. Wer sich nicht insbesondere dafür interessiert, wird oft zähen Texten ausgesetzt, die sich eingehend damit befassen. Schade.


Die Fährte des Wolfes

Das Autorenduo hat einen starken Thriller geschaffen, der durch seinen speziellen Protagonisten und die tiefgehende Thematik auflebt.


Finster ist die Nacht

Ein kaltblütiger Mord in Montana - Nichts für schwache Nerven!



Rasante Ereignisse, schonungslose Brutalität und ein Sonderling im Mittelpunkt. Faszinierend.


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