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Promise of Wrath (Hellequin Chronicles)

Promise of Wrath (Hellequin Chronicles)

Erschienen am 08.11.2016
With Silent Screams

With Silent Screams

Erschienen am 18.02.2014
Prison of Hope

Prison of Hope

Erschienen am 14.04.2015

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Book 6 in the series
JuliaOvor 2 Jahren

Another great sequel to the Hellequin series!

While I didn't think all the action sequences perfect in the last book, this one was back up to a full 5 star story. The fight sequences where back to the perfect length for me.

I just love the humor and the dialogue in this series - and I wish I could have Nate as my friend... Who wouldn't like an extremely dangerous, but morally alright assassin for a pal. ;)
It does get quite bloody and gory in places, but for me it was the perfect balance of grim, humor and action.

In this one we get to know some new friends and foes, meet old acquaintances get some mind-boggling twists and turns, lots and lots of action, an engaging plot, more information about the past and insight into some old mysteries... Oh and a dragon too!

I devoured the whole thing in less than one day, and wish it wasn't over yet! This is by now definitely one of my favorite urban fantasy series, right up there with Harry Dresden, Iron Druid Chronicles and The Checquy Files.

So if you like Urban fantasy, some blood and gore, lots of fun, and Hollywood worthy action - I compel you to take up this series and love it just as much as I do! 


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