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Not your typical rockstar romance
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3,75 Stars

Somehow this was different and I liked it!

This book is about how much impact and influence people and situations have on someone. It´s about being hurt and broken and finding sth. to cope with it. It´s about dreams and how sometimes something you want the most can turn to something that turn you into someone you´re not and don´t want to be. It is also about fighting feelings, urges and life. It´s about learning, growing and healing. It´s about finding sth that is worth to live, fight and dream for. The book is also about fighting demons, suffering and learning how to cope, how to be strong and how to say no.

This book isn´t just a typical rockstar romance. It´s more. It shows the ugly side of fame and how it can shatter dreams and the person living it.

This book is about the Band Pandemic Sorrow who became famous almost over night. Years and years go by and they are still loved by everyone- especially girls.

The first book of this series is about one of the members of this band- Jag (Jagger) Steele. He´s the lead singer and guitarist. He is hot. But the Jag the world knows isn´t the Jagger he really is. Living this lie and lifestyle has is ups and downs. More and more, Jag tries to hide and tries to cope with all the stress, pressure and also suffering with the help of drugs. More often than not he is high, but he still refuses to see that he is addicted. When he meets Roxy, the sister of one of his fans and someone who hated not only his band but also the music, he becomes fascinated. It´s refreshing and as fate has it- they meet again and again. And even though Roxy is a hard nut to crack, Jag finds himself drawn to her. And even though Roxy swore to never get involved with a drug addict, she couldn´t help herself and started to like him.

Can two broken ppl love each other? Can two broken ppl heal each other? Will Jag be able to stop using drugs? Will he be able to change his habits for Roxy? Why are they both so broken and hurt? Why are both suffering so much and scared of trusting and falling? Who is this kid that looks so much like Jag? What happens when dreams shatter and when everything seems to fall apart?

Read and find out ;)

My Opinion:
Loved this book. Well...i wasn´t a fan of the first 30% or so as it was mainly about the band, the rockstar life, drugs and sex. It wasn´t really interesting and a bit too much for my liking. It was just too much unneccessary scenes and informations. So the moment Roxy started to be in the picture- the book started to get so much better and it was so good from that moment on till the end.

I liked Jag (Jagger) and Roxy. Loved how broken they were and their reasons for it. I loved how Roxy was so stubborn and feisty at the beginning when they met. How she tried to have her walls up all the time and let them crack the more she spent time with Jag.

I loved everything about Jag. The theme with the drugs and the addiction. I think it was really well researched. It seemed real. I loved how his addiction wasn´t just mentioned. The book showed pretty well what drugs do and how they change someone. I think it was also pretty good how the addiction was described- How Jag wasn´t able to stop, how he fought with himself and how his body language proved his using and craving. Also how the simplest things and signs of stress or pressure led him to drugs- how he tried not to feel, not to think, to just be.

I loved how the book showed the ugly side of a rockstar life and of fame. How it turned Jag not only into an addict but into someone he wasn´t. It also turned him into someone who is lonely on the inside, whose dreams became a little bit of hell, who had no privacy, whose life was constantly made a headline on tabloids. The Jagger he was on the inside died more and more because of this lifestyle and the rockstar Jag he became over the years ruled his life.

I really loved how much Roxy meant to Jag. How important she became to him and how she became his dream, love, future and drug. I loved how they both struggled and still do and how they went through good and bad times and situations. How both suffered, hurt and fought for the life they wanted. They both really seemed real. I also loved how Jag started to feel, how he sought forgiveness, sought for another chance and love and life. I was so happy with how the book ended, how he learned, grew and got stronger. How he fought for his family. How he and also her overcame their fears and how they tried to leave the past behind. I´m so, so happy for them.

The side characters- some I liked (the band members), some I didn´t. I really couldn´t stand the manager and also River. Stephenie, though... I really hate her. I could´ve strangled her. Such a selfish, ignorant, stupid,lying bitch. Grr :P And what she did to Jag and also his brother...double Grrrrrr....;)

As I already mentioned- I liked the ending, but I still have a couple of questions left. For example.... Pandemic Sorrow got hooked up with drugs by their manager. They´re surrounded by drugs and also got girls extra for sex. What happened now after the scene at the graveyard in Savannah? Wouldn´t it be easier and healthier for Jag if they´d fire that manager and got a new one? If they´d change their habit so Jag wouldn´t be surrounded by drugs? There are more books in this series so maybe I´ll find out then. Would love to read more about Jag and Roxy as well :) But I´m curious about Jags brother and what he feels about signing away...

I can def. recommend this book to ppl who love rockstar romances and like to read one that is a bit different and a bit darker. It´s not just about the glamour. It´s more real. So If you´re interested- give this a chance :)


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