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Dread and Breakfast

Dread and Breakfast

Erschienen am 21.12.2016

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Chilling horror thriller
misspidervor einem Jahr

A great book to end the year with! The deep winter setting made me shiver already, but the clever plot was even more chilling. Imagine being stranded in a cute little B&B during heaviest freezing snowfall - could be worse, couldn't it? The old couple owning the place are sweet as honey and your room is warm and cozy. A safe haven in a winter nightmare - only, nightmare has entered the Dandy Drop inn as well...

Each of the guests has their own dark secrets: we learn about the creepy young couple on their honeymoon trip, the accountant on the run with a stolen case of money, the woman and her daughter escaping an abusive husband. Soon, the idyllic B&B turns into a surreal stage for murder and other horrors. When an angry gang leader and a furious husband arrive at the Dandy Drop Inn, all hell breaks lose and suddenly the freezing night seems the lesser danger.

Once the action starts, an unstoppable avalanche drags you along with incredible speed, at the end spitting you out gasping for air and wondering how you got there... Highest recommendation!


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