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  • much better than book 1

    Out of Plans (The Mercenaries Book 2)


    21. August 2017 um 22:24 Rezension zu "Out of Plans (The Mercenaries Book 2)" von Stylo Fantome

    3- 3,25 StarsFirst of- You have to read book one (Best Laid Plans) before you read book two. Read this review after you read book one. Otherwise this review might spoiler some things for you.This book continues where it stopped in Best Laid Plans.Lily and Marc parted ways. But while Lily is waiting for him, she gets some news that leaves her being mad, angry, disappointed and sad.  Instead of letting it get her down she chose to act on her feelings. She still needs to revenge her sister. But she needs to get better first. She ...

  • Good but I expected more :/

    Best Laid Plans (The Mercenaries Book 1)


    21. August 2017 um 22:09 Rezension zu "Best Laid Plans (The Mercenaries Book 1)" von Stylo Fantome

    2,5- 2,75 StarsHmm... How do I start?Somehow to me this book seemed like a mix of the movies Blood Diamond, Mr. & Mr. Smith and Bonnie & Clyde. Of course it had its individual touch, but some scenes... I could swear I´ve seen them in movies and therefore I suppose Stylo Fantome was inspired by at least one of them.This book is about 2 strangers (Lily & Marc) who were hired by a man to do different jobs. Jobs that aren´t legal and are definitely dangerous. Although they aren´t working together, they´ve had a few chances to meet ...

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