Sujata Massey The Typhoon Lover


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Typhoon Lover“ von Sujata Massey

Through her chaotic 20s, antique dealer Rei Shimura has gone anywhere that fortune and unruly passions have led her. The Typhoon Lover takes her on her biggest adventure yet, a perilous journey that only Rei, with her experience in antiques and her foothold in two countries, can handle. After a party for her thirtieth birthday, Rei answers a mysterious invitation to a job interview. The task is to search for and authenticate an ancient Middle Easter pitcher that disappeared from Iraqs national museum. The piece is believed to be in the hands of a wealthy Japanese collector, whose passion for beauty extends to Rei herself. When a typhoon hits Tokyo, and Rei finds herself trapped along with the object of her investigation, she discovers much more than the pitcher is at risk.

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