Sulari Gentill A Few Right Thinking Men (The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries Book 1)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „A Few Right Thinking Men (The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries Book 1)“ von Sulari Gentill

A Rowland Sinclair Mystery Short-listed for Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book Sulari Gentill – Winner of Davitt Award for Best Adult Crime Fiction 2012 A Dashing Artist Playing Detective to Solve His Uncle’s Brutal Murder – the 1930s Were to Die For! “... historically correct, gripping, no-holds-barred novel... an enjoyable read for young and old.” – Bookseller + Publisher "A Few Right Thinking Men is a richly drawn and involving Australian historical crime novel... it's a cut above much Australian crime. It's well researched and atmospheric, with a brisk pace, colourful characters and charming period dialogue." - The Age, Pick of the Week "With its well rounded and charismatic characters, the palpable real-life politics behind the fiction of this engaging story is what makes A Few Right Thinking Men a welcome and highly recommendable addition to the genre of Australian historical fiction.” - Lindfield Bookshop The First Book of the Acclaimed Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, the Historical Crime Series In 1930s Australia, the Sinclair name is respectable and influential, yet the youngest son Rowland – an artist – has a talent for scandal. Even with the unemployed lining the streets, Rowland lives in a sheltered world… of wealth, culture and impeccable tailoring with the family fortune indulging his artistic passions and friends… a poet, a painter and a brazen sculptress. Mounting political tensions fuelled by the Great Depression take Australia to the brink of revolution. While Rowland is an uncommon man, his name is not. He shares it with an uncle, an aging playboy. When the elder man is murdered, Rowland is stricken with grief and plagued by question. Foremost: why would anyone want to kill the old man? The stakes are high, as Rowland and his friends go undercover in the New Guard, a dangerous political group intent on wrestling control of the country from its current leadership. As danger looms and Rowland and his friends become targets of the fascist legion, will they be able to solve the mystery of his uncle’s murder? Will they be able to protect the country from political upheaval? Gentill skilfully weaves her narratives around real historical events and figures with razor-sharp humour and incredible imagination. Her debut novel delights the reader and excites them with richly drawn characters and impeccable timing. Do you love historical crime mysteries? Have you fallen in love with the world of Rowland Sinclair? Why not check out the rest of the series! The delightfully adventurous Rowland Sinclair Mystery series, in order: A Few Right Thinking Men, The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries: Book 1 A Decline in Prophets, The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries: Book 2 Miles Off Course, The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries: Book 3 Paving the New Road, The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries: Book Gentlemen Formerly Dressed, The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries: Book 5 A Murder Unmentioned, The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries: Book 6
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