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"We didn't become obsessed because we wanted to succeed; we wanted to succeed because we became obsessed. It's important to differentiate." - The Guptara Twins - At the age of eleven, Suresh and Jyoti Guptara completed the first draft of Conspiracy of Calaspia, Book One of the acclaimed Insanity Saga. After many rewrites and revisions the novel was published while they were 17 and they have gone on to secure book deals with major publishers internationally. The bestselling twin authors were born on 22nd November 1988 to an Indian father and British mother in England, where they stayed until the age of seven, when they moved to Switzerland. Jyoti probably became the youngest full-time writer in the world when he left school at the age of fifteen, while Suresh completed his A-levels at Bradfield College before joining him. Now 18, the twins continue to write the Insanity Saga, occasionally leaving their desks to give presentations on related subjects and to sign books at schools, literary organisations and festivals. Their interests lie in literacy, sports and health, philanthropy, encouraging young people to realise their potential, and promoting innovation.

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Calaspia. Der Schwertkodex

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Calaspia. Die Verschwörung

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