Susan Andersen All Shook Up


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Inhaltsangabe zu „All Shook Up“ von Susan Andersen

Drucilla Lawrence's life is nicely settled: she loves her job at the family-owned Star Lake Lodge resort, and her young son Tate and her aunt and uncle are all the family she needs--though she wishes she had a man in her life. But beware what you wish for....when hard-eyed but ruggedly gorgeous J.D. Carver shows up, claiming part-ownership of the Lodge, Dru doesn't know if she wants to kiss him or kill him. He's tough, abrasive, and seems to know just how to push her buttons. But he's also unexpectedly--well, almost sweet, in a guy sort of way--with Tate. And lordy, can he kiss! J.D. practically grew up in the streets, and he's always steered clear of "good girls"--and Dru's clearly a home-and-hearth, ring-around-my-finger type. But her sassy mouth makes him yearn to close it with kisses, and when he sees her with her kid, something in his gut just falls to pieces. When she turns that warm-hearted smile on him, he knows he's lost. But maybe, for the first time in J.D.'s life, he's also found...

Stöbern in Romane

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Leider viel weniger, als erhofft.


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Eine Reise bei der Michele sein eigenes "Ich" wiederfindet. Ein sehr schönes Hörbuch


Dann schlaf auch du

Spannend, schockierend und furchtbar traurig. Ein sprachgewaltiges Buch, dass sich so richtig keinem Genre zuordnen lässt. Lesenswert!


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Ein beinahe poetisch anmutendes Psychodrama


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Underground Railroad

Tief bedrückendes Portrait einer Gesellschaft! Das Buch war nicht immer schön, aber immer lesenswert.


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