Susan Dennard Strange and Ever After


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Strange and Ever After“ von Susan Dennard

Tragisches, trauriges Finale. Das Ende hebt das Niveau der ganzen Reihe!

— Nicks

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    Strange and Ever After


    02. May 2016 um 09:18

    What an ending. First off, just as with the previous installments I loved how the 19th century - Egypt, this time - comes to life. It´s just as enticing as the bright darkness of the story. I loved that the whole gang was up to confront the big evil. Granted, I didn´t feel that much hatred against Marcus and couldn´t connect with the crew and their desire to kill him (apart from the obvious you killed my brother and you are power crazy stuff, obviously) as well as I should have. I just didn´t know enough about him and he certainly isn´t charismatic enough to count as an interesting villain. Still, the wild goose chase was nice enough to keep going. While the story won´t get more than a „sweet one“ - I guess I am the only one who just doesn´t get the problem about Eleanor using her powers. I kind of missed something epic there, because all I know is that Joseph thinks it´s bad, but we don´t ever get so see something really bad fueled by Eleanor to confirm this opinion. So what exactly is the problem??Anyway, the ending totally blew me away. It dared to break my heart and surprise me and yet managed to make it suitable for the plot. I never expected it and although it hit me hard, I feel like it belonged. Especially since half the relationships I didn´t warm up to, a lot of things I didn´t understand, some dialogues seemed enological and the big twist didn´t make sense to me. Also, what is it with El and Oliver? Do they hate each other? Do they not? And why, anyway, because I ain´t able to grasp their relationship. Apart from that, it was okay. I loved the world and El being a likable heroine. And yeji, Egyptian gods instead of Greek ones make for a nice change.