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Inhaltsangabe zu „He Loves Lucy“ von Susan Donovan

A romantic, funny tale that reminds us appearances can be deceptive -- and that true love might just lie somewhere between pizza and Pilates

Stöbern in Sachbuch

Alles, was mein kleiner Sohn über die Welt wissen muss

Kurzweilige, aber amüsante Lektüre über das Leben mit einem Kleinkind - auf jeden Fall lesenswert.


Das große k. u. k. Mehlspeisenbuch

Das Zauner ist eine Institution in Bad Ischl, hier gibt es die Rezepte der Leckereien, die man dort findet.


Wut ist ein Geschenk

Tolles Buch


Gehen, um zu bleiben

Eines dieser Bücher, die etwas bedeuten; so viel, dass man bereits während des Lesens weiß, dass sie alles verändern. Dich selbst.Das Leben.


Kleine Hände – großer Profit

Hinter vielen Grabsteinen verbergen sich traurige Geschichten - nein, ich meine nicht die der Begrabenen, sondern der Kinderarbeiter.


Heimatlos ist nicht gleich hoffnungslos: Sehnsucht einer jungen Frau 1944/2014

Lesestoff für die junge Generation.


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  • I love Lucy.

    He Loves Lucy


    20. December 2016 um 22:45

    "I think we love who we love and there’s not a damn thing that can be done about it." Lucy Cunningham is a marketing executive in charge of the new campaign for The Palm Club, Miami's best fitness club. Her idea? Give an overweight and out of shape person one year of personal training and put them in front of the camera to document their transformation. With each pound lost, both Lucy and her trainer, Theo Redmond will receive $1,000! Theo Redmond knew he had his work cut out for him when the pretty but overweight Lucy showed up at the club for their first meeting and promptly nearly asphyxiated on a piece of candy, but he needed the money to get back into medical school and finally fulfill his life-long dream. They start out as strangers. It starts out as a job, and a quest, and a challenge. But twelve months of grueling work, fastidious dieting, and daily workouts draws Lucy and Theo closer and closer. When I realized it was a book about weight I almost put it down but am really glad I didn't. Lucy had no pity on herself, she was confident and I really liked that about her. She had a goal and she wanted to succeed, even if her heart was in her way more than she had expected. I flew through this book, it was really, really good! From the first hilarious chapter to the wonderful ending and all the good stuff in between, this book will leave you satisfied, and feeling warm and fuzzy inside. It’s filled with lessons to be learned and perceptions that are shattered. I enjoyed it immensely.