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Suzette T. CaldwellPraying to Change Your Life
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Praying to Change Your Life
Praying to Change Your Life
Erschienen am 15.01.2013

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Teaching about prayer
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Suzette Caldwell grew up with a praying family and experienced numerous prayer answers. For her it has always been a part of her life. But since she survived cancer she is teaching other people about praying because she believes it saved her life. 
This book gives very interesting insights about the Lord´s Prayer and about why we pray and how it works. 
There was much in this book I never heard before and it helped me to develop a greater understanding of prayer. 
Caldwell has a very structured prayer life. She is building prayers for certain needs in the shape of the Lord´s Prayer. So she offeres a lot of examples for how to create a prayer in the image of the Lord´s Prayer. The book is quoting Bible verses about prayer and offers exercises.
It´s not the usual way how to pray... you don´t just tell God what´s on your mind.... you have to take time and write a professional prayer which you can read out loud as often as you like. 
I found it very interesting and you get an instruction how to create very beautiful prayers you can also use in groups or in public. 
Especially if you want to pray but don´t know what to say or if you never know what to pray it can help you. 
I think this is an inspirational book to help you if you want to pray or if you have a special need. There are example prayers everyone can use. 
It helped me to understand why we pray. Beautiful book :)


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