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Cover des Buches Gabriel's Inferno (ISBN: 9781405912419)

Gabriel's Inferno

Erschienen am 23.11.2012
Cover des Buches Gabriel's Rapture (ISBN: 9781405912433)

Gabriel's Rapture

Erschienen am 23.11.2012
Cover des Buches Gabriel's Redemption (ISBN: 9780425266519)

Gabriel's Redemption

Erschienen am 03.12.2013
Cover des Buches The Raven (ISBN: 9780425266496)

The Raven

Erschienen am 03.02.2015
Cover des Buches The Man in the Black Suit (ISBN: 9780692948835)

The Man in the Black Suit

Erschienen am 19.12.2017
Cover des Buches Shadow, The (Florentine) (ISBN: 9780425266502)

Shadow, The (Florentine)

Erschienen am 03.03.2016

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Cover des Buches Gabriel's Inferno (ISBN: 9780425265963)
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Rezension zu "Gabriel's Inferno" von Sylvain Reynard

Großartiger Erzählstil
Versgetuschelvor einem Jahr

Ich liebe diese Symbiose zwischen einer wachsenden Liebesgeschichte (Gabriel & Julia) und der der Kunstbetrachtung (Dante & Beatrice). So tiefgründig und voller Gefühle. 

Cover des Buches The Man in the Black Suit (ISBN: 9780692948835)
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Rezension zu "The Man in the Black Suit" von Sylvain Reynard

The Man in the Black Suit.
Lonechastesoulvor 3 Jahren

I’ve been afraid for so many years, I’m not afraid anymore, not while we’re together. I’ve waited a long time for you.”


I have been a die-hard fan of Sylvain Reynard ever since I read his Gabriel’s Inferno series. I think I lost my mind just a wee bit over that series. It had such a strong impact on me that I'm still completely obsessed with it.

Acacia Santos works as a concierge at a luxury hotel in Paris. Educated at the Sorbonne and able to speak multiple languages fluently, Acacia takes pride in her position yet her past dictates her career choices and the need to remain fairly unnoticed. It isn’t until a high-profile guest at the hotel causes Acacia to act on instinct which leads to unexpected results.

Nicholas Cassirer is a man of means and is driven by his need to obtain justice for his family. Getting entangled in the underworld has given Nicholas access to dangerous connections and valuable information but his search continues. During his stay in Paris, certain events occur that bring attention to his dealings.

Nicholas and Acacia don’t have the best first introduction to each other but as the story progresses we learn that Nicholas is not who we first assumed him to be and that he is a very complex character. Acacia, too, is not the person she portrays herself to be and as her story developed I couldn’t help but admire her. She has got to be the strongest Heroine that Sylvain has ever created. She held on to her morality and loved with a fierceness that no one could ever extinguish.

Told in third person, the plot points develop at a steady pace allowing the characters to solidify congruously. With the mask of mystery upon Nicholas, it’s unknown whether Acacia will sacrifice her principles or if Nicholas will achieve his final goal. While there are times when it seems a safety net is firmly in place, the plot pivots leading to another layer of details that deepens the story.

Not only did we get a story filled with suspense and romance, we also got a bit of culture. It almost feels at times that we were getting an art history lesson and let me just say that it didn’t bore me in the slightest. Sylvain’s writing is so cerebral and enchanting. The Man in the Black Suit is rich in complex issues ranging from racism, terrorism and stolen art/antiquities. Centered on the romance, these characters must confront serious obstacles to move forward. With a lyrical writing style, Sylvain Reynard successfully takes the reader on a rewarding journey with worthy characters.

Cover des Buches Gabriel's Promise (Gabriel's Inferno, Band 4) (ISBN: 9780593097984)
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Rezension zu "Gabriel's Promise (Gabriel's Inferno, Band 4)" von Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel's Inferno #4.
Lonechastesoulvor 3 Jahren

  "If my soul is yours, my body is also.”  

This fourth book starts right where book 3 ended. In the hospital with baby Clare and new parents Julia and Gabriel.

I re-read this series, three times, I enjoyed it that much!! I was super stoked when I saw Sylvain Reynard was coming out with the next installment, Gabriel's Promise. I loved this fourth book. I adored the baby and daddy moments. Gabriel is just the most amazing and hilariously ridiculous daddy!

Gabriel’s Promise takes this glimpse and fully immerses us in those first precious days and weeks of new parenthood. Gabriel’s love for Clare is limitless and it’s a joy to read. The Professor dotes on his Principessa as only he can, and I took it all in with a big smile. Seeing Gabriel achieve true happiness has been a long time in the making. He is an amazing dad. Naturally, there are some complications that arise for the Emersons during this time. What’s interesting to read is how Gabriel chooses to deal with his obstacles in Promise compared to the earlier books.

I also loved the whole mystery about the possible danger that this car might bring into our happy new lives. And all those problems about his work, her work, combining the two. Plus we have another little health mystery - we hope that nothing bad will happen there!

I really loved this story. Gabriels's Promise was a perfect addition to this amazing series! Adorable, funny, mysterious, sexy, Dante-y. I loved it!  I think due to the relative 'openness' of the ending ... we might get at least one more book!

This book was such a good addition, a beautifully written addition to this amazing and wonderful series!! I am also so excited for the Passionflix film to be out!


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