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Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel's Inferno

Erschienen am 04.09.2012
Gabriel's Rapture

Gabriel's Rapture

Erschienen am 23.11.2012
The Raven

The Raven

Erschienen am 03.02.2015
Shadow, The (Florentine)

Shadow, The (Florentine)

Erschienen am 03.03.2016
The Man in the Black Suit

The Man in the Black Suit

Erschienen am 19.12.2017

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"Every night when I fall asleep with her in my arms, I thank God she’s mine. Every morning when I wake up, my first thought is that I’m grateful she married me. I will never be worthy of her. But I spend every day trying my damnedest."

Julia and Gabriel have come a long way. They first met when Julia was seventeen years old. Eight years later, it’s safe to say that their road to a HEA wasn’t easy, and yet neither time nor circumstances and enemies could prevent them from falling in love with each other and being together now and forever. In Gabriel’s Redemption we see Gabriel working as a professor at Boston University while Julia has just finished her first year as a PhD at Harvard.

Basically Gabriel’s Redemption is about guilt and fears and making the ‘right’ choices. It’s about making amends with the past, accepting what can’t be changed or reversed anymore. But of course it’s also about love. Love eases past mistakes and paves the path to a brighter future.

Gabriel Emerson is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and swoon worthy men I have ever had the pleasure to read about. I’ve loved him more in each book. His love, devotion, and charming nature just draws me in. I'm going to miss him so much.

It's no a secret that I admire Sylvain Reynard's writing style. I was excited and curious to see where he would take Gabriel who is one of my most favourite bookish characters ever. And Sylvain Reynard definitely didn't disappoint. His ability to express deepest feelings, fears and desires of his characters via words in this book was astonishing. He played with my emotions, he did it in very subtle way and I loved it.

I’m so sad to see this trilogy come to an end. But I'm also very glad that Julia and Gabriel have found their HEA. It goes without saying that Gabriel's Redemption is a must read for every fan of The Sexy Professor.

Gabriel's Redemption is a beautiful conclusion to a truly insightful and memorable, one-of-a-kind love story. This series is one of those stories that stay with you forever!

Brilliant, inspiring and interesting plot! Masterfully told! Unforgettable and swoon-worthy professor Gabriel Emerson! And… enough intrigue, suspense and romance to last throughout their saga! All the Stars!!!


Rezension zu "Gabriel's Rapture" von Sylvain Reynard

6+ stars!!!
Lonechastesoulvor 2 Jahren

“I love you far too much, I'm sure. But I don't know how to love you any other way.”

Gabriel’s Rapture picks up right where Gabriel Inferno leaves off. Gabriel and Julia are happy, in Italy and in love. When they return back to Toronto, there are things that come up that makes life much more difficult for the pair.

I love the way that Gabriel loves Julia. He is so protective, kind and provides her with endless pleasure. I love Gabriel and I believe that no matter how many books I read after this book, he ruined me for future book boyfriends. He is the definition of complexity and I enjoyed this second installment because here I could see another side of him, the protector. Now, when Julia's future is being threatened, he is willing to do everything to not let it happen. He puts her first, having to face suffering and loss because he can't bring her pain.

Sylvain Reynard did not disappoint! This sequel is at least as good as Gabriel's Inferno. The book is full of thoughtful ideas about life, sin, forgiveness and love. In Gabriel's Rapture, the author connected love and sex in most beautiful way and the way he sees marriage is absolutely wonderful. The book has a very substantial effect on me. It made me cry and it made me think a lot about life. I don't remember feeling such a strong compassion for main characters in a long time. This book about love and forgiveness touched my heart and I am sure I will re-read it couple of times.

I am truly devoted to this series and to Sylvain Reynard's penmanship. God, you can feel how dedicated he was in every aspect of this book, from the plot, to the characters and other details that surrounded it. I can only imagine the hard work and research put into writing this book, because not one word in this book is unnecessary and without meaning. It's masterfully told!

I was not one bit disappointed by it. I could write pages just on my favorite quotes; the writing is superb and extremely sexy without having to be erotic. The book was as intense as the first but far more romantic. The writing is brilliant and I could feel what the characters were feeling in my heart. I don’t think that the book could have had a better ending.

I just can’t get enough of this series. It's one of the well-written sequels I've ever read because of the way it was delivered. I'm excited to find out how the series will conclude in the third book!


Rezension zu "Gabriel's Inferno" von Sylvain Reynard

This is a story of one man's salvation and one woman's sensual awakening...
Lonechastesoulvor 2 Jahren

"Look at me. Look into my eyes." His eyes fixed on hers as they fluttered open. "I'll give you anything. My body, my soul, Take them. Take everything."

The story begins with The Professor, Professor Gabriel Emerson being Professor Ass to Miss Julianne Mitchell. He is charismatic, enigmatic, sexy and well, needless to say, gorgeous. With his sapphire eyes hidden behind a pair of black Prada glasses, warm brown hair, and impeccable dressing sense, he was the kind of professor who never had a dearth of female companionship, the kind who had all the females ogling him, fantasizing, and focusing more on him than his lecture.

Julia, is kind, sweet, smart and reincarnation of pure goodness. But also, she can be very passionate and angry when needed. She has definitely become one of my favorite female heroine.

Gabriel Emerson and Julia Mitchell are not suppose to be together, the teacher/student fraternization policy at the university is very clear on that, but the two manage to overcome that along with some other interesting obstacle and secrets as their relationship progresses. It's a turbulent start in the beginning that turns to a raw burning desire, a flame that has never gone out for Julia and one the good professor had always believed to be a dream. Its an amazing read and I can't wait for the next book. I am excited to see their next adventure.

Its a story of the forbidden as well as a story of forgiveness and strength. I really don't want to give the story away, truly and honestly. But believe me when I say that you definitely want to embark on their adventure. Its a sensual and erotic journey into the lives of Julia and Gabriel.

Gabriel’s Inferno is one of the most beautiful and well written romances I have ever read. For it's ingenuity, symbolism and depth this is by far one of the best romantic fictions. Brilliant, inspiring and interesting plot! Masterfully told! Unforgettable and swoon-worthy professor Gabriel Emerson! And… enough intrigue, suspense and romance to keep you glued throughout their saga! The book is so well documented and full of artistic and literature references that it will blow your mind away. I don't think that we have one page that doesn't have an artistic idea in it and 6+ stars to Sylvain for putting this book together in this amazing way. It was well documented, with a strong base and not a word in it was unnecessary.

Beautiful, touching and enchanting writing – this book deserves to be read and enjoyed. I cannot say enough good things about it. The entire time I was writing this review I was tempted to go back and start the story again. That is how brilliant Reynard Sylvain is.


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