Sylvain Reynard Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel 3) by Reynard, Sylvain (2013) Paperback


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel 3) by Reynard, Sylvain (2013) Paperback“ von Sylvain Reynard

The third book in the wildly romantic Gabriel's Inferno series by Sylvain Reynard, following on from Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture. Professor Gabriel Emerson has left his position at the University of Toronto to embark on a new life with his beloved Julianne. Together, he's confident that they can face any challenge. But Julianne's graduate program threatens Gabriel's plans for their life together, as the pressures of being a student become all consuming. When she is given the honour of presenting an academic lecture at Oxford, several individuals from their past appear, including an old nemesis intent on humiliating Julia and exposing one of Gabriel's darkest secrets. In an effort to confront his remaining demons, Gabriel begins a quest to discover more about his biological parents - a search that has startling repercussions for himself and for Julianne. Sylvain Reynard is a Canadian writer with an interest in Renaissance art and culture and an inordinate attachment to the city of Florence. Sylvain's previous novels in this series, Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture, are also published by Penguin. (Quelle:'E-Buch Text/05.12.2013')

Brilliant, inspiring and interesting plot! Masterfully told!

— Lonechastesoul
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    Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel 3) by Reynard, Sylvain (2013) Paperback


    18. January 2017 um 02:20

    "Every night when I fall asleep with her in my arms, I thank God she’s mine. Every morning when I wake up, my first thought is that I’m grateful she married me. I will never be worthy of her. But I spend every day trying my damnedest." Julia and Gabriel have come a long way. They first met when Julia was seventeen years old. Eight years later, it’s safe to say that their road to a HEA wasn’t easy, and yet neither time nor circumstances and enemies could prevent them from falling in love with each other and being together now and forever. In Gabriel’s Redemption we see Gabriel working as a professor at Boston University while Julia has just finished her first year as a PhD at Harvard. Basically Gabriel’s Redemption is about guilt and fears and making the ‘right’ choices. It’s about making amends with the past, accepting what can’t be changed or reversed anymore. But of course it’s also about love. Love eases past mistakes and paves the path to a brighter future. Gabriel Emerson is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and swoon worthy men I have ever had the pleasure to read about. I’ve loved him more in each book. His love, devotion, and charming nature just draws me in. I'm going to miss him so much. It's no a secret that I admire Sylvain Reynard's writing style. I was excited and curious to see where he would take Gabriel who is one of my most favourite bookish characters ever. And Sylvain Reynard definitely didn't disappoint. His ability to express deepest feelings, fears and desires of his characters via words in this book was astonishing. He played with my emotions, he did it in very subtle way and I loved it. I’m so sad to see this trilogy come to an end. But I'm also very glad that Julia and Gabriel have found their HEA. It goes without saying that Gabriel's Redemption is a must read for every fan of The Sexy Professor. Gabriel's Redemption is a beautiful conclusion to a truly insightful and memorable, one-of-a-kind love story. This series is one of those stories that stay with you forever! Brilliant, inspiring and interesting plot! Masterfully told! Unforgettable and swoon-worthy professor Gabriel Emerson! And… enough intrigue, suspense and romance to last throughout their saga! All the Stars!!!

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