Captivated by You (Crossfire) by Sylvia Day (2014-11-18)

von Sylvia Day 
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Captivated by You (Crossfire) by Sylvia Day (2014-11-18)
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Not wonderful, yet, not horrible either. This book is BASICALLY A REPEAT OF BOOK#3.

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    Lonechastesouls avatar
    Lonechastesoulvor 4 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Not wonderful, yet, not horrible either. This book is BASICALLY A REPEAT OF BOOK#3.
    Crossfire #4.

    "Despite all he'd been though, he had such an amazing capacity to feel and to love. He'd saved me, in so many ways. I was going to do whatever needed to be done to save him, too."

    This is the fourth book in this series and continues Gideon and Eva's story than began in Bared To You. Captivated by You proved to be an underwhelming reading experience for me.

    Gideon and Eva are back on...then off...then on again. For most of this book I felt like they were just going in circles, rehashing the same old, tired arguments and not getting anywhere. I just feel like this book was stagnant. I was hoping that I'd see some big leaps and bounds in Gideon and Eva's relationship, but there weren't any meaningful developments until the very end. While we do see Ava and Gideon making progress in regards to their relationship, there was no substantial anything that occurred in this book. It just felt flat and redundant throughout. Gideon and Eva's relationship was in a constant loop of insecurities and basically rehashing the same old shit over and over and over again. How is it even possible that NOTHING substantial happened in 368 pages? This could have easily been Entwined with You 2.0, where basically it was all filler and no progression.

    Also, I really, really dislike Cary, the extremely dependent BFF, he is constantly whining and complaining ‘bout Eva ignoring him, like a 12-year-old. I don’t like Cary —never have, never will . What a selfish pr*ck he is! Buried deep into his own problems, he doesn’t get that Eva has a life apart from him.

    Despite this book's short-comings, I will probably continue this series at some point. This series has lost much of it's luster for me. However, after reading four books, I feel too invested in this series to hang it up now. Much like I can't DNF a book, I have this compulsive need to finish a series if I've read past the first book or two.

    Not wonderful, yet, not horrible either. This book is BASICALLY A REPEAT OF BOOK#3.


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